Marriage is most important commitments Essay


Marriage is one of the most of import committednesss one makes to oneself and to the individual he/she loves. Marriage requires much bravery, unity and lucidity over the ends in life to walk into the sacred establishment called matrimony. Peoples frequently feel highly dying before the nuptials, frequently sing at times what is known as pre-marriage heebie-jeebiess. Marriage besides being one of the most famed and of import events of one ‘s life, females most of the clip are over obsessed with the minutest inside informations of their nuptialss. For some, nuptialss may be that one perfect twenty-four hours that they have visualized since their childhood, while for others it may be doing commitment in the simplest mode with complete unity and bravery to the individual they love. Stress over nuptialss differs from individual to individual. But frequently, apprehensiveness and anxiousness is portion of the nuptials game in one or the other signifier. The apprehensivenesss related to the nuptials twenty-four hours are largely associated with brides whereas the emotional apprehensiveness can be allied to grooms and brides likewise. Many Hollywood/American films over the old ages have been made to research these apprehensivenesss and anxiousnesss, doing the marrying a different subject of films wholly. It is ever intriguing to research the dying emotions on the screen since everyone goes through them at least one time in a life-time.

Thesis Statement

“Runaway Bride, Father of the Bride and Bride Wars demonstrate the conventional, sometimes stereotyped, word pictures of adult females as haunted with nuptialss and work forces and adult females both dying with respects to the approaching nuptials.”

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Marriage is most important commitments Essay
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Forecast Statement

The cardinal points that would be covered in the paper would be as follows:

  • Understanding of the cultural significance in pre-marriage apprehensivenesss
  • Study of different characters in the nuptials based films
  • The Bride being the cardinal character most frequently in a nuptials based film
  • Decision and analysis of the thesis statement

Background information

I have selected two different movies on marrying with the bride being the cardinal character. In one of the movies, the pre-marriage apprehensiveness is in respects to the emotional and womb-to-tomb committedness whereas in another movie the pre-marriage apprehensiveness is about the D-day. The movies selected for analysis in context to this paper are

  • Runaway Bride
  • Bride wars

Father of the Bride

These movies have been discussed individually under this subdivision.

Runaway Bride

Runaway bride is a authoritative romantic comedy made in 1999 with lead star dramatis personaes in signifier of the finest histrions, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The plot line of the movie is based on the pre-marriage apprehensiveness of Maggie Carpenter ( Julia Roberts ) who has the feeling of a runaway bride. She had left three males waiting for her in the church on the nuptials twenty-four hours, doing her celebrated as a runaway bride. Meanwhile a New York newsman Ike Graham ( Richard Gere ) writes a column about Maggie Carpenter and is fired for several factual mistakes. He so embarks on the mission of happening the truth in order to compose a comprehensive yet, elaborate article about her to affect his immediate foreman and acquire back his occupation. On making the little town of Hale, to happen out nil but the truth about her apprehensivenesss, he finds her acquiring ready for her 4th matrimony effort with a football manager. In the procedure of detecting her, Ike falls in love with her and finds himself standing in the tribunal ; while Maggie one time once more falls trap to her matrimony apprehensiveness and runs off in a truck with Ike trailing her for a stat mi.

Runaway bride is a witty love affair with the cardinal characters picturing the grownup frights in the most compelling manner. The chemical science between the cardinal characters is the affecting point of the movie. Julia Roberts comes really natural as a miss who is afraid of doing committednesss and is scared of large nuptialss. Her playing is extremely persuasive as Maggie Carpenter who is lost and attempts to affect the other individual to be able to wish her. Richard Gere on the other manus is attractive, self-satisfied, battered and lost like Maggie Carpenter. Fears, anxiousness and vacillation are the focal point of this romantic nuptials based film. The film gets on as one watches it several times. The little inside informations in the movie conveying out the concern people have about themselves, such as “Maggie ever lies about the sort of eggs she likes, with every groom her pick differs” , she lies because she is fearful about her original credence as a individual and wants the other individual to believe that she is what he wants or is looking for. While walking down the communion table she realizes that what she is making is a entire prevarication and she is fearful and uneasy about the result of what would follow after the nuptials when her existent ego comes out and therefore she runs off. At first she hides her existent ego and so she runs from the communion table every times she realizes what she has been making.

Bride Wars

Bride wars once more is a romantic comedy based on the marrying pre-apprehensions in this instance it ‘s the detailing about the D-Day that drives the two brides and best friends into hostility. Emma and Liv played by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathway are best friends since childhood. They both are obsessed about their nuptials twenty-four hours and the locale they wish to acquire married at. The Plaza hotel is one of the most known nuptials finish and they both have dreamt of their perfect marrying since they were small misss. Both the misss are proposed at the same clip by their several fellows and they decide to acquire married at the Plaza hotel after engaging the services of the same nuptials contriver. Due to administrative mistake one of their day of the months is sold to person and now they both have to acquire married on the same day of the month or else they will hold to wait for three old ages to acquire married at the Plaza.

They both try to carry each other to switch their nuptials day of the month but in vain. After a hebdomad they declare that neither of them will compromise either with the locale or with the day of the month. Both the adult females try to undermine each other ‘s nuptials by destroying the party, or the sunburn or the hair colour. It is their compulsion with a perfect nuptials, frock, expression and experience that turns the best friends into enemies and the brides into bridezillas. Meanwhile the grooms besides suffer because of their fickle compulsion with the nuptials and its readyings. They besides try and ruin the nuptials twenty-four hours by demoing the tapes of their teenage lunatic behaviour at the communion table which makes both the brides battle with each other in their nuptials frocks. In the terminal they realize their error, meanwhile Anne Hathway ‘s groom is disquieted about her behaviour and she tells him that she is non right for him and they call off their nuptials. Liv ‘s nuptials goes on as planned with the engagement of her best friend. Emma so dances with Liv ‘s brother and finally marries him subsequently.

Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride has been charmingly remade from its 1950 original screenplay, with Steve Martin as the embattled male parent who suffers new indignities at each phase of his girl ‘s nuptials programs.

This film features on another facet of pre nuptials heebie-jeebiess which are experienced by neither the bride nor the groom, in fact by the ‘father of the bride ‘ , who feels insecure to allow travel off his girl as he does n’t swear that anyone could love her every bit much as he did for the past 22 old ages.

Mr. Martin, whose presence here likely has more to make with his success in “Parenthood” than anything else, is first seen sitting in an armchair precisely as Tracy did, rubbing his sore pess and appraising the ruins of an excessive nuptials party. The movie so flashes back to the point at which George Banks ( Mr. Martin ) and his married woman, Nina ( Diane Keaton ) , learned that their small Annie ( Kimberly Williams ) may be go forthing the nest.

The nest itself has moved to southern California from a starchier East Coast scene and is now conspicuously cluttered and bran-new. This clip, when the Bankses go to run into their affluent prospective in-laws, George does n’t imbibe excessively much and speak their ears away. He experiences a sudden tantrum of prying and winds up drifting in his hosts ‘ pool, seizing their passbook while being snarled at by their guard Canis familiariss, in a modus operandi that is much better suited to Mr. Martin ‘s amusing endowments.

Some of the new movie ‘s other attempts to broaden the narrative are less successful, like the episode that has George traveling berserk in a food market shop and weaving up in gaol as a effect of pre-wedding force per unit area.


Thomas Schatz ( 1981 ) and William Wright ( 1975 ) in context of the subject and its development expression at it as Thomas Schatz ( 1981 ) and William Wright ( 1975 ) in context of the subject and its development expression at it as

being separate from each other presuming that the new movies are built on the earlier movies of the same sort. On the emotional fear side we can see Runaway bride to be make overing on It Had to Be You made in 1947, where Ginger Rogers plays the original runaway bride running from her nuptials on four occasions. Bride wars nevertheless can be seen in the visible radiations of Wedding contriver, ( once more compulsion with the readying of D-day ) , My Big Fat Greek Wedding and others.

In this instance every bit good though the subject has been defined as Wedding, the underneath genre is of love affair and comedy. Altman ( 1989 ) on the other manus provinces that genre is a set of semantic elements and achieves the existent genre position when they complete a procedure of germinating an attach toing sentence structure. In the genre selected for this paper the semantic elements are the pre-marriage apprehensiveness emotional and stuff, the ulterior being correlated to the first 1.

There were definite subjects in the past but now is the clip of hybridisation which means that most of the films are combination of two or more genre which gives birth to a new genre. Many critics of modern genre see this as the deficiency of advanced thought in the Hollywood whereas others such as Jim Collins ( 1995 ) position this as expected result of media consciousness of the present twenty-four hours audience. In this instance the two traditional signifier of genre are romantic and comedy giving rise to a new subject of Wedding romantic comedy. Though the cardinal thought is related to jitteriness and anxiousness due to different grounds the presentation is borrowed from the manner of traditional genre such as depicted in a romantic manner where the characters at times can be intense or at times amusing.

In these movies the topic though marrying the cardinal thought is wholly different. In Runaway bride it is the committedness issues and the fright of “is this the right individual for me” ? Whereas in instance of the Bride wars the fright is of non being able to hold the visualized perfect marrying compared to the best friend that drives the lunacy in the nuptials. With regard to Father of the Bride, the emotions are more related to the male parent ‘s concern for his girl ‘s new life.

Talking about the American cultural significance in the pre-marriage apprehensivenesss, love matrimony is the norms in the U.S, people frequently marry due to their ain grounds instead than arrange matrimony. In malice of that, there are ever commitment issues when it comes to doing life-long committedness in footings of matrimony. Peoples frequently do non recognize the gravitation of committedness unless and until they reach the communion table and many Hollywood films are made on the same topic.


Marriage and nuptials is beautiful capable because the correlativity is instantaneous with the audience due to existent life experience or outlook of that event to happen at some point of clip. When we talk about nuptials or matrimony there are pre-marriage apprehensivenesss and anxiousness due to different grounds and most of the Hollywood movies with the topic of matrimony or nuptials are based on the geographic expedition of these emotions. The nuptials genre can be tactfully associated with anxiousness which is skilfully handled doing usage of love affair, comedy and serious subjects. But anxiousness in most instances is portion of the nuptials based films. The paper attempted to turn out the same by taking three different movies as examples- Bride wars, Runaway bride and Father of the Bride.


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  • Runaway Bride ( 1999 )
  • Bride Wars ( 2009 )
  • It had to be you ( 1947 )
  • The nuptials Planner ( 2001 )
  • My Large fat Grecian nuptials ( 2002 )
  • Father of the Bride ( 1991 )

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