Married Couple Essay

Married Couple Working Together Should married couples working together or not? The truth of the matter is there is no easy answer to that question. Nowadays, there is a lot of married couples are not working together because they cannot answer the question. Every couple need to make their own decision whether want to work together or not. There are some advantages of married couples working together. The advantages are spend more time together, discover other parts of each other, always know where the other is, driving together, and have lunch together. When there are advantages, there are also disadvantages.

The disadvantages are spend too much together and get bored, work issues come up, and work becomes the main focus. First advantage is spending more time together. Many couples are often arguing each other because they do not spend enough time together. When working together, married couples are given the chance to spend at least 8 hours a day together on a daily basis. Some of them maybe spend 24 hours per day in their daily life. This is definitely more time than other couples get to spend together. Besides that, discover other part of each other is one of the advantages.

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They will know each other more deeply when they working together because they have the chance to discover the other parts of their partner. Sometimes they can discover the parts they did not even know existed in their partner’s personalities. That in turn can refresh and strengthen their relationship, as well as inspire them as individuals to develop their personalities even more. When married couples work together, they always know where the other is. They do not have to worry about whether the other is lying or trying to keep something. They do not even have to call or send text messages to each other and that can save both money and time.

When married couples work together, they drive together to work. Therefore they do not need to buy a second car and can easily save their money on petrol. From there, they can shopping for their own goods. They also do not need to use public transportation and tolerate delays and huge, smelly crowds on a daily basis. Most of couples hate crowded places when they want to go to work because when there are so crowded, they are easily to get sweating and become stinky before reach their office. Moreover, they can go to lunch together so that they are not eating their lunch alone like some other married couples and enjoy their lunch together.

This is because they are in same companies and their companies allow their employees to have their lunch breaks at the same time. That way, one spouse does not have to wait for the other to come home. When they bring their own lunch to work it will be an experience that they both can enjoy as a couple by preparing those meals together at home. When there are advantages, there is also having the disadvantages. The first disadvantage is spending too much time together and get bored. When working together, married couples get to spend plenty of time together. That can actually put a strain on their relationship, as one or both might get bored.

When going back home, those married couples might have nothing to talk about. There will be no new events, experiences or thoughts about the day that passed to discuss with each other. That can easily lead one or both of them to turn to new people or hobbies to find that excitement that is missing from their lives. Besides that, married couples have to deal with work issues that often come up when they work together. Perhaps they will find out that they do not work well together. They may have different work rhythms as well as different ways to solve work problems. Those differences might affect their marital relationship in a negative way.

When going back home, as spouses will have nothing new to talk about, those work issues will be heavily discussed, making things even worse for them. They also will argue each other and sometimes make them fighting because of the work issues. Furthermore, work will become the centre of their lives. Without even realizing it, work becomes the first thing they talk about when they wake up in the morning and the last thing when they go to bed at night. Slowly but gradually, they start neglecting their personal relationship. They stop taking good care of themselves. They go out together less and less often.

They constantly cancel or postpone things that they have planned to do together because they just have to finish that new project or make some business phone calls. In a nutshell, married couple working together sometimes give positive effects and sometimes give negative effects to the couples. So, the married couples need to think wisely about working together and make better decision to avoid the negative effects on their relationship. Relationship is very important for them to live happily ever after, so, they need to take a very good care about their relationship.


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