Married or Single? Essay

Well It is a known tradition in humanity that a man and woman will come and live together. Marriages are a Lifetime commitment with love and caring among people. Although the most important element is love, almost half of all marriages today end in divorce and the rate of marriage decreases. Why? There are several reasons to support It. Marriage means giving up freedom. People who get married are defined by the responsibilities of a husband or wife. They cannot do what they want to do cause they have to care about each other.

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Married or Single? Essay
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For Instance, one may want to go out on the weekend, while the other wants to relax and stay at home. So the other has to do as one likes to avoid the dispute even if he or she does not want to do it. But to do as one likes is not a good way to solve problems. Finally, when they cannot stand to do It, problems will occur. After getting married, many people may not be happy because of several reasons. For example, a failure to communicate, husband and wife might not tell ACH other about their problems or how they feel.

Because of this, the husband and wife will not understand why the other person is acting the way they are. While one of the spouses may be depressed over something that occurred at work. The other may think he or she is depressed because of an action he or she did. So this leads to the resentment between them and hate for no reason. People change. You cannot love one person forever. When you get married and live with someone for very long time, you may begin to be fed up. Then, you adultery.

Adultery is one of the most popular reasons for most divorces, and it usually has the worst outcome. These include physical and verbal fights, splitting of family and much more. From this point, many problems occur. These problems accumulate and can make a disaster of marriage. Married life has so many problems. For me, I think that I maybe stay single. Stay single does not mean living alone in the world. I do not have to afraid of the loneliness because I still have my friends and many people surround me. So I can stay single happily for the rest of my life.


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