Marxist Theorys On Economic Development Essay

What is wrong with the world today? Do people need to fight, argue and even go to war with each other? People debate whether the world would not be so full of hate if everything was equal. Well my answer to that is yes, people do need to fight, argue and go to war because that’s human nature, our right of speech, and freedom! Some nations are considered to be evil and unjust because they are a communist nation, but are they really bad? One cannot blame a nation for trying to reach the ultimate goal of utopia. However, one must take notice that no country that exists today or in the past has accomplished this monumental task. I am not a supporter of today’s communism at any means, but I do believe that a man long ago had the right idea. With some changes and a little work Karl Marx’s theory could have made this world greater.

Karl Heinrich Marx was born May 5th, 1818 in Trier. Although he had three other siblings, all sisters, he was the favorite child to his father, Heinrich. His mother was a Dutch Jewess named Henrietta Pressburg.

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Marxist Theorys On Economic Development Essay
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Marx was the greatest thinker and philosopher of his time. His views on life and the social structure revolutionized the way in which people thought. He created an opportunity for the lower class to rise above the aristocrats and failed due to the creation of the middle class. Despite this failure, he was still a great political leader and set the basis of Communism in Russia. His life contributed to the way people think today, and because of him people are more open to suggestion and are quicker to create ideas on political issues.
It is important to understand that Marx played two important roles in world history: as a critic of capitalism and as an advocate of socialism. Although a strong believer in the importance of building socialism, he spent most of his time and energy on a complex critique of the capitalist system. This critique is still very influential on many historians, art and literature scholars, sociologists and others. There have been many neo-Marxisms which have been based more or less loosely on the original ideas of Marx and which are widely discussed today. Whether you want to explore such ideas or combat them, it’s good to have some notion of the subject.

The terms socialist and communist have been defined in an astonishing variety of ways. When reading them it is always important to know what the writer means by them. A good example of a this would be to look at the countries today is China a communist nation or a socialist nation? How do you tell them apart? China indeed is in-fact a communist nation, but there is large speculations that they are viewed as socialists. For Marx socialism was the more comprehensive term; communism was an advanced stage of socialism. Socialism would prepare the way by nationalizing the means of production (factories, farms, mines, and transportation) and putting them under the control of those he viewed as the sole producers of wealth: the workers. He viewed political equality and freedom as incomplete (or even illusory) without economic equality. Therefore this redistribution of economic power was aimed at extending democracy far beyond the limits envisioned by earlier democratic revolutions. Social services like health, education, and housing would be provided free, but people would still be paid wages according to their work. I don’t know about you or the next person but free health care, housing, and schooling would be a wonderful thing. Everyone always wants to have something better than the next person does. But what if everyone had the best? What if everyone was driving a Mercedes or lived in a 4000 square foot house? Is that so bad, does that mean we have no rights? But like I said earlier Marx’s theory does need some work I don’t believe that our freedom of speech or things of such should be touched. Marx’s explained his theories in a book.

Communist Manifesto or Manifest der Kommunistischen Partel was a book written by Marx. It documents the objectives and principals of the Communist League, an organization of artist and intellectuals. It was published in London in 1848, shortly before the revolution in Paris. The manifesto is divided into four parts, and the beginning of the entire document reads A specter is haunting Europe (Encyclopedia of Marxism)
The first part outlines his ideas on history and a prediction on what is yet to come. He predicts a confrontation between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, the working class and the higher class. Because of the main logic behind capitalism the bourgeoisie will seek more power and more wealth. With them doing this, the living conditions of the proletariat will decrease. Numbers of proletariat will increase as well as their political awareness, and will revolt against the bourgeoisie and will eventually win. (Encarta)
In the second part Marx discusses the importance of Communism, and if private property is abolished, class distinctions will be as well. The second part also stresses the importance of the necessity of the proletariat and bourgeoisie being common and the level of class being the same. (Encarta)
The third part critiques other social ideas of the modern day. The final and fourth part discussed the differences between his political issues as opposed to those of the other parties. This part ends in bold capital letters WORKINGMEN OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE! (Encarta)
When all nations had developed socialist economies, they would begin to evolve into an international communist society. The vision of communism was very similar to that of anarchism. A stateless society in which central government had withered away, local, ground-up control of all affairs by strictly democratic processes based at the place of work, abolition of the market system (witch means no buying no selling). Its replacement by a system according to which people would voluntarily work for the common good to the extent they were able under the understanding that they could receive whatever they needed for free (Britannica). This basically stated that everyone would do their share of work and receive it back. National boundaries and governments having been eliminated, war would cease. The secret to the Marxist idea working is that everyone has to cooperate together. Everyone must be willing to work, and give up the possessions they love having so much.
This would be a wonderful world. People today should not have to worry about simple basic needs like health care, food and water. Every man who works should be provided for because of his contribution to the system. Marx thought of money simply as a symbol, an example of how much a person works.
In conclusion the problem in today’s politics is simple, governments are not all the same! When people differ even in the mildest manner they tend to clash. The only way to fix this is to do what Marx suggested to make things equal. However, I do not believe that our God given rights of speech and freedom should be taken away. I end with the same quote as Karl Marx did: WORKINGMEN OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE!
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