Master of Arts in Global Communication Sample Essay

The School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong launched the M. A. in Global Communication plan in 2005. Bing one of the first of its sort. this plan focuses on international and China-specific phenomena related to globalisation and communicating and provides enhanced larning for those who endeavor to work in countries such as media. instruction. NGOs. direction. and research.

In recent decennaries. China and the universe have witnessed a roar in news media and communicating instruction at the graduate student degree. The long history and experience in supplying communicating preparation. together with Hong Kong’s alone place of being a “cultural meeting point between East and West” . topographic points our School in a strategic place to offer a plan that meets the demands of a planetary age.

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Master of Arts in Global Communication Sample Essay
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The turning richness and influence of China create non merely great demands of Chinese pupils to understand the outside universe but besides a great involvement of abroad pupils to understand China.

In this plan. we strongly believe in the combination of theory and pattern. The nucleus courses focus more on theoretical preparation in globalisation and communicating phenomena like planetary media flows. multinational ( forced ) migration. multinational circulation of media formats and patterns. or societal protagonism and new engineerings.

The elected classs enable pupils to beef up their practical accomplishments related to communicating patterns in new engineerings. public dealingss. news media. or societal protagonism. concentrating on Hong Kong and China. seeing local issues through a planetary lens and frailty versa. Students can now besides choose to specialise in the watercourse Global Media or Social Change and Advocacy. Students can use their theoretical cognition through instance surveies. research undertakings. field trips. and by life in the international and multicultural environment of Hong Kong. Asia’s planetary metropolis.

The plan besides offers internships in Hong Kong and organizes field trips to international locations like Taiwan. Singapore. the UK. and the U. S. We strongly believe in educating critical minds. who are able to reflect on ethical and structural issues beyond bing theories and patterns.

Learning Aims

Students will be able to

• broaden their range of cognition about globalisation. ( new ) media. and human communicating • be sensitized to issues and arguments about planetary communicating in Greater China and worldwide • explicate globalisation and communicating phenomena through the prism of planetary political. societal. economic. and cultural procedures such as ( forced ) migration. media policy. ICTs. multiculturalism. or the political economic system of planetary media corporations • critique current planetary tendencies

• solve jobs in intercultural work scenes
• learn best patterns for working in squads
• develop professional or academic callings in diverse Fieldss such as the media industry. concern. NGOs. authorities. and instruction Alumnuss

Our alumnuss have found employment in a wide scope of Fieldss. such as news media. NGO. and intergovernmental organisation work. PR. selling. commercialism. finance. and instruction. The preparation they have received in the Global Communication plan has prepared them to interact with and react to a big figure of state of affairss and people. Overall. the critical thought accomplishments. cognition. and experiences gained in the Global Communication plan have provided them with the necessary tools to boom in today’s competitory occupation market. and more significantly. to make so with informed cognition about and esteem for other civilizations and life styles.

All classs are taught in English

Course Descriptions ( Required Courses )

Globalization and Communication

Analysis of national or cultural forms of communicating and media system. Emphasis will be given to factors easing or curtailing the flow of information across national or cultural boundary lines every bit good as their deductions for planned societal alteration.

Applied Communication Research

Introduction to applied media research. research unfavorable judgment. informations reading and basicss of audience analysis. Subjects include: studies. content analysis. experimental trial of programmes. field research and formative rating.

Communication in Intercultural Settings

This class explores issues refering to the intersections between communicating and civilization. Particular accent will be given to understanding “culture” as a codification of pass oning instead than a topographic point. Subjects include showing and negociating cultural. national. multinational. and gender individualities. intercultural dialogues. perceptual experience. civilization daze. multinational migration. power in intercultural relationships. and conflict direction.

Seminar in Communication Theories

This seminar introduces pupils to the major theories in human communicating and media surveies. including theories from the societal scientific. interpretative. and critical traditions. As this class combines theory and pattern. pupils are encouraged to use their cognition through instance surveies and research undertakings in organisational. mediated. and intercultural scenes.

Elective Courses ( No Approval Required )

1. Political Communication

2. Statistical Analysis in Communication

3. Strategic Analysis of Media Industries

4. Public Relations for Risk Industries

5. Media Management

6. Media Economics

7. Crisis Management

8. Strategic Public Relations in Greater China

9. English News Writing and Reporting

10. Citizen Journalism

11. Analyzing Public Affairs

12. Journalism Theory and Analysis

13. Feature Writing

14. Comparative Media Systems and Global Media

15. Development and Selling International Media Content

16. Public Relations and Globalization

17. Global Agenda Setting

18. Human Rights and Social Media

19. Negociating Across Cultures

20. New Media and Society

21. Strategic Management in Global Media Corporations

22. Understanding Culture through Film

23. Telecommunication Policy

24. Issues of ICTs in China

25. Communication Forms in Chinese Society

26. Advanced Multivariate Analysis in Communication

27. Advanced Qualitative Communication Research

28. Schemes for Integrated Communication Campaigns

29. Advanced English News Writing and Reporting


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