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Match the following terms with the proper definition or example.

_____ 1. Central Sports Medicine Team
_____ 2. Peripheral Sports Medicine Team
_____ 3. Pediatrician
_____ 4. Human Anatomy
_____ 5. Biomechanics
_____ 6. Negligence
_____ 7. Assumption of Risk
_____ 8. Proximate Cause
_____ 9. Informed Consent
_____ 10. Gross Negligence
_____ 11. Amphiarthrodial joint
_____ 12. Synarthrodial Joint
_____ 13. Diarthrodial Joint
_____ 14. Epidermis
_____ 15. Epiphysis
_____ 16. Comminuted Fracture
_____ 17. Blowout Fracture
_____ 18. Abrasion
_____ 19. Contusion
_____ 20. Laceration
_____ 21. Occipital lobe
_____ 22. Cerebrospinal fluid
_____ 23. Frontal Lobe
_____ 24. Amnesia
_____ 25. Tinnitis
a. a closed wound that bleeds under the surface of the skin b. a jagged, irregular open wound c. wound characterized by scraping layers of the skin d. a fracture resulting in three or more fragments of bone e. fracture that occurs around the orbit of the eye f. team members that include physical therapists, dentists and chiropractors g. specializes in the medical treatment of children h. refers to the study of bones, joints, muscles and organs i. refers to the science of human movement j. team members that include the athlete, coach, ATC and team physician k. a freely movable joint that has a joint capsule l. essentially an immovable joint that is characterized by bones held together by tough connective tissue m. the most superficial layer of skin n. area of long bone where growth occurs o. a joint of cartilage that links bones, such as where the ribs join the sternum p. failing to provide even a slight amount of care q. close connection between action and resulting injury r. legal wrong when one fails to act as a reasonable person would s. acknowledging the full understanding of dangers in sports t. obtaining permission to treat an athlete u.difficulty remembering things
v. bathes the brain for protection w. most posterior lobe of the brain x. ringing in the ears y. the most anterior brain lobe

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