Mathematics: College Admissions

I have always enjoyed mathematics from an early age. As I progressed through A-level, I began to appreciate the importance of mathematics in other science and in commercial life. I believe that a degree in mathematics will leave me very versatile in terms of a future career choice. From 1992 onwards, I was selected every year to represent the school for Hans Woyda Mathematics competition between Home Counties schools. In 1997/98, I was captain of the team. Previously, we have reached the semi-finals of the competition.

I have also attained three gold awards in the Sharp UK Mathematical Challenge on the occasions I entered. I have also gained a Merit award in the British Physics Olympiad competition. I enjoy computer programming and am fluent in Basic and Visual Basic. In 1997, I gained experience work with Cable & Wireless at their Mercury One 2 One division. This involved using a Unix based system running in real time with the company’s other offices. During this time, I learnt to set-up spreadsheets for the company, requiring macro programming.

The aim was to generate weekly forecasts. The school participated in the Young Enterprise scheme, sponsored by major UK companies. The scheme entails setting up a business organisation with a board of directors comprising of members from various schools. As financial director of Avanti, which manufactured and sold celebratory cards, I was responsible for the company’s financial health. The company made a considerable profit (67% net), leading to second position in the local competition.

This experience gave me the opportunity to develop my organisational and communication skills. I was also an active member of the 6th form council with responsibility for ordering and monitoring stock for the vending machine. Since 1994, I have played rugby for the school’s 1st XV. I have competed for the school at 200m and recently took part in the ‘Tough Guy’ competition, an endurance course entailing several months of rigorous training and raising money for charity.

I have recently gained my 1st Dan Black belt in Karate. I have won 12 out of 15 competitions entered and in the future hope to represent England. I also teach Karate to children at the local community centre. During my year out, I plan to travel in Europe. I intend to learn Italian by spending a few months in Italy. I also plan to spend a few months working in a financial institution, this being a possible choice of future career. I have become interested in history with emphasis on developments in Mathematics.


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