Question Answer
What are the three states of matter? Hint: Ice, Rain, Balloon. The three states of matter are: Solids, Liquids, Gases.
What is a solid? Hint Ice A solid is an ice cube, a ball or a book. It is a fixed shape.
What is a liquid? Hint it water flows A liquid has no defined shape. Water runs down the rain. It has no shape.
What is a gas? Hint: Balloon. A gas has no defined shape. Air is a gas.
What is a change of state? When matter changes form one state to another. ice melts to become water.
When does matter change states? Matter changes from one state to another if thermal energy is absorbed or released.
What are the changes of state for a Solid to Liquid? Hint: Ice to Water An ice cube warms up and melts into water, then the water evaporates into a gas.
What is melting? When a solid changes from a solid to a liquid.
What is the melting point? The temperature at which a solid melts.
What is Freezing? When a liquid turns into a solid. Water freezes and becomes ice.
What is Freezing Point? The temperature at which water freezes into ice.
What are the changes of state from a liquid to a gas? Hint 1: hot summer day water on the driveway. Hint 2: Hot shower. Vaporization and condensation. Vaporization: Water heats up a disappears. Vaporization is when matter changes form a liquid to a gas. Condensation: Hot steamy shower. Steam forms into water droplets.
What is evaporation? When "vaporization" takes place at the surface of the liquid. Water evaporates off the surface of the driveway on a hot summer day.
Vaporization that occurs below the surface of the liquid is called? Boiling. Vaporization that occurs below the surface of the liquid.
What is condensation? Hint: Ice Water in a glass Condensation is when gas changes to a liquid. water vapors in the air are cooled down and turn into water.
What is thermal expansion? When things heat up they expand. Hot Air in a balloon. Metal of a bridge. The bridge expands. Thermostat
What is a thermostat? Hint in a house. A thermostat controls the room temperature by putting on heat or air conditioners.
What is a bimetallic strip? Hint: bi=2. metallic= metal A bimetallic strip is a piece made up of 2 forms of metal.

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