Matter and Its Properties

Question Answer
Two or more substances that are combined without changing any of them are called a______________________. mixture
___________________________ is the measure of how much material will dissolve in another kind of matter. solubility
The amount of space that matter takes up is __________________. volume
___________________ is the amount of matter compared to the volume. density
The amount of matter something contains is the ________________. mass
Matter that has a definite shape and volume is a ____________. solid
Everything that takes up space is _____________________. matter
Matter that has no definite shape and takes up no definite amount of space is called _________________________. gas
List the 3 states of matter. solid, liquid, gas
What would you be making if you were stirring some sugar into water? solution
Name 2 substances that have good solubility in water. sugar, salt
;Name 2 substances that do not have good solubility in water. sand, dirt, grass, plastic, etc.
List some physical properties of matter. mass, volume, density, texture, state of matter, smell, taste, color
Name 3 things that do not contain matter. heat, light, sound, ideas
Name 3 things that do contain matter. desk, books, computer, human, soil, air
What type of matter has a definite shape and definite volume? solid
What type of matter does not have a definite shape, but does have a definite volume? liquid
What type of matter has no definite shape and no definite volume? gas
Name something with a large mass. boat, elephant, airplane, etc.
Name something with a small mass. mouse, piece of paper, feather, cotton ball
What affects the boiling point of water? altitude

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