Matter & Energy in the Environment

Term Definition
abiotic factor nonliving thing in an ecosystem
atmosphere layer of gases surrounding Earth
biotic factor living thing in an ecosystem
climate average weather conditions in an area over time
ecosystem living and nonliving things in a given area
bacteria unicellular organisms without a membrane-bound nucleus
condensation process during which water vapor changes into liquid water
element cannot be separated by chemical means
evaporation process during which liquid water changes into water vapor
nitrogen fixation process that changes atmospheric nitrogen into compounds usable by living things
precipitation water that falls from clouds to the Earth's surface
release to set free
chemosynthesis process using chemical energy in matter to make food
food chain model showing how energy flows in an ecosystem
food web model of energy transfer showing how the food chains in a community are interconnected
energy pyramid model showing the amount of energy available in each step of a food chain
photosynthesis series of chemical reactions that convert light energy, water, and carbon dioxide into the food-energy molecule glucose and give off oxygen

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