Matter L1

Question Answer
Matter is anything that … has mass and takes up space.
A property is a … characteristic of an object.
Several properties of matter include: solid, liquid, gas, color, size, shape, texture, mass, density, magnetic, odor, taste.
Scientists must be careful when testing the properties of … odor and taste.
A Venn diagram may be used to … compare and contrast the properties of two objects.
Mass is the amount of … matter that makes up an object.
The mass of an object does not depend on … the object’s shape.
Weight is a measure of the … force or pull of gravity between and object and Earth.
An astronaut’s mass on Earth and on the moon is the … same.
The astronaut’s weight on Earth and on the moon is different because of … different amounts of gravity.
A balance can be used to measure … mass
a scale can be used to measure … weight.
Solids, liquids, and gases take up … space.
The measurement of this space that solids, liquids, and gases take up is the matter’s … volume
Different objects may have a different mass, but the same… volume
A ping pong ball and golf ball both have the same volume but do not have the same … mass
The golf ball is more __________ than the same size ping pong ball. dense
A ping pong ball is less dense than water since it has_________ inside air
but a golf ball is more dense than water since it is completely _____________through and through solid
Magnetism is a force that acts on moving electric … charges and magnetic materials.
property is a … characteristic of an object
gravity is a … force that attracts objects to the center of Earth
matter is … anything that takes up space and has mass
mass is… the amount of matter in an object
volume is… the amount of space that matter takes up
density is … the property that compares an object’s mass to its volume
repel means… to push away another object

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