matter vocabulary

Question Answer
Anything that takes up space and has mass Matter
Measures the pull of gravity on an object weight
whether or not something stretches elasticity
how something feels (rough or smooth) texture
how light reflects off of something luster
how tightly or loosely packed matter is density
state change from a liquid to a solid freezing
state change from a solid to a liquid melting
state change from a liquid to a gas with high heat boiling
state change from a liquid to a gas without high heat evaporation
state change from a gas to a liquid condensation
the smallest bit of matter atom
a combination of different ingredients like salad or trail mix mixture
the amount of space an object takes up volume
the amount of matter in an object mass
a pure substance element
two or more elements chemically bonded together to form a new substance compound
the part of the atom with a postive (+) charge proton
the part of the atom with a negative (-) charge electron
the part of the atom with NO charge neutron
the center part of the atom nucleus
what two things do you find in the nucleus of an atom protons and neutrons
what makes one element different from another the number of protons it has
the simplest element with one proton and one electron hydrogen
what two elements make up water hydrogen and oxygen
what two elements make up salt sodium and chlorine
salt and water are: compounds
which element is a metal and a liquid mercury
all the known elements are arranged in order in the: periodic table
Which part of the atom is the smallest electron
A combination of ingredients that can be separated like salad or Trix mixture
A mixture when something is dissolved into something else solution

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