Mba Leadership Strategies for a Changing World Essay

Jennifer Todd Unit 6 MBA Individual Final Project GB600-02NA Leadership Strategies for a Changing World May 24, 2010 Introduction I interviewed my brother for this project. My brother is the Region 5 Coordinator for the Florida Division of Emergency Management, and he is being inducted into the position as National Commander for the Sons of the American Legion. I chose to interview him for several reasons including his success over the years.

I have seen him work his way up the corporate ladder, I know about his work ethics, and I have seen the determination that it takes to do what he needs to do in order to continue to be successful. I have learned a considerable amount of things from him throughout the years and I have found him to be strong leader and motivator. At one time he started a volunteer disaster recovery team that assisted local public officials including police, fire, and ambulance personnel in many man-made and natural disasters.

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He started the team with only three members and took it to over 300 members who were very closely networked with various fire and police departments throughout three counties in central Florida, the team had various training sessions through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, CERT, National Weather Service, and the American Red Cross. He has proven himself to be an effective leader on many occasions over the years.

For these reasons I felt that it would be an excellent way to learn as much as possible about his successes, how he stayed focused, his motivation, and how he felt about the progress that he has made, as well as getting any advice that he had to offer for me and my continued success. Questions The following are the questions that I asked of my brother James Roberts through email on May 23, 2010. 1. What process did you follow to get to the position you are currently in? 2. What training did you have in order to qualify you for your current position? . What training do you have to do in order to stay current in your present position? 4. How do you continue to learn throughout your lifetime? 5. What do you feel are necessary learning goals for someone to be an effective leader in your field? 6. What are your learning goals for the future? 7. How do you measure your progress toward reaching your goals? 8. How do you exemplify leadership in your field? 9. What advice would you give someone in order for them to be successful? Answers given by James Roberts Jennifer, I am going to use my time in the Sons of the American Legion to answer these questions as it is probably more appropriate regarding leadership in an organization – See below for my answers. I hope these help. ” (Roberts, 2010) 1. In the Sons of the American Legion there really isn’t a specific process that one goes through to be in the position that I am currently in. With that said, it is expected that members hold leadership positions in the organization at lower levels (Squadron, District and State). 2. I wouldn’t call it training.

I have been a member for over 30 years and I was mentored by many people in the American Legion Family. As such, I was able to learn what needed to be done to make myself, the members I represented and the organization successful. 3. Again, I wouldn’t call it training. Although we do more things that can be called training now than we did before. Our National Organization conducts the National Management Institute that is instructed by our Past National Commanders. This is a 3-year commitment by those that attend our National Executive Committee Meetings in Indianapolis, IN.

There are 3 sessions and they are offered during our Spring Meeting each year. Members start with the 1st and progress each year until they finish the 3rd class. When finished the members should have a good understanding of good management/leadership skills. When I was State Commander, I had the opportunity to attend the 1st State Commander’s School. This helped me to better understand what my role was in the organization and it allowed for me to network with other State Commanders to build relationships, most of which I have still today. 4.

I continue now teaching many of our State Leadership Workshops and New State Officer Orientations. As a result, I get to meet many of our members and get to share ideas and learn about things that they do. Many things are things that I may not have thought of myself and I can take these lessons and incorporate them into my routine to again, better the organization. 5. I think that it is a very important goal to always remember where you started. Because we all started as a member of the organization and not holding a position of leadership. One should also have an open mind and be able to accept the ideas of others.

This helps me learn new things regularly. Finally, I try to surround myself with people that have held other positions within leadership to ask questions and learn some things from them. 6. My goals are to continue meeting with our National Staff to understand the ins and outs of what we do nationally. This will help me to develop the programs I want to work on in my position. I need to continue to strengthen my speaking ability. 7. I measure progress through feedback from those I work with. I also measure it by the success of the programs for the year. 8.

I continue to mentor members of our organization to make sure they have the right tools to become leaders themselves. Success is shared. The leader in most cases is not doing the work it is the subordinates doing most of the work and I recognize them for that. Saying “THANKS” means a lot. 9. Always continue to look forward and upward. Be open to new ideas and suggestions from those working with you. Share the success, say thanks and recognize the work being done at all levels. Be a mentor to future leaders, as your experiences can be of great value to those who aspire to be in your position.

Always remember where you started, because we all will eventually get back there. (Roberts, 2010) Learning Goals Necessary The learning goals that I find will be necessary for me in the short term is to first complete my education. That is a top priority for me; I will complete my Master Degree program in December 2010. I am currently conducting some research on what I need to do in order to go into the field of Forensic Accounting. I am sure that there is some more formal education that I will need to do and that will take a few more years to accomplish.

In the meantime while I am in school I plan on putting my current education in accounting to use. I am currently looking for a position with an accounting firm and trying to start a payroll business in which I hope to have up and running within the next year, and I hope to have it prospering within the next few years. In the next five years I see myself working with a prestigious accounting firm, with my business doing well. I hope to have my education in the Forensic Accounting field by this time and plan to be working at least part time for experience in the field.

I am also considering taking the exam to become a Certified Public Accountant as this will help me in furthering my career. In 10 years I see myself as a CPA, working in the Forensic Accounting field, with my business in Payroll accounting doing extremely well. I see myself having many offices in the different areas around the country. My overall plan is to have an office in at least 5 states. Resources Needed to Achieve Goals There are many resources that I need in order to achieve my goals for my future. The main resource is my education.

In order to get that, I need the finances to be able to fund the next several years that I will be in school. To finance my education I will depend on the money I make from my job, and student loans. I also need to be sure that I will have the time in order to complete my education. For that I will depend on my family for support, and to assist me with my children. I have a large support system already in place to help me when I need it. I will network with other people in my field to assist me in finding work, and when I am starting my business.

I will turn to them for advice on what needs to be done in order to start my business and to make it successful. I will also use the internet to do research on the laws that are relevant to the field I am going into, and the business that I am starting. Staying up to date In order to stay current I will rely on journals that are published that offer updates to the various laws, rules, and regulations that are relevant to my field. I will rely on my network to be sure that I am aware of the various changes, and I will again rely on the internet for the research that I will have to do in order to stay current.

There are many resources available to keep people current. I will utilize as many as I am able to in order to make sure that I am in complete compliance. I will also research continuing education courses to be sure that I keep my education current as well. Exemplifying Leadership I will continue to exemplify leadership in everything that I do. I will continue to be an active participant in the teams that I am a member of, I will also continue to work closely with co-workers, staff, managers, and executives in everything that I need to.

I am an active listener and I do not mind helping out others when they are in need of help. This will continue to be my way of working. I will offer any information that I have that can help someone else to do the best job that they can do, and I will continue to help others to succeed in all that they do, whenever I am able to. Timeline and evaluation Points My evaluation points include my degree which I will have in December of this year. The next evaluation point will be when I find all the information that I need in order to continue my education in the Forensic Accounting field.

My goal for this is to have the information that I need prior to my graduation, this will enable me to go right into the classes that I need. Times are tough right now and jobs are not easy to come by, but I am currently seeking an entry level position in an accounting firm so that I can get some experience other than my education. I will continue to seek employment and my goal is to be working within the next few months. The evaluation points will include resumes that I send out and interviews that I have. Starting my own business will include getting my business icense, which will be within the next few months. Opening my business will be at that time as well. Then from there I will have my advertisements done. This is planned for no later than January 2011. Continuing my education will occur sometime after my graduation; this is dependent on when classes start. Evaluation points will include the entrance paperwork being completed, financial aid paperwork submitted and approved, and the beginning of classes. Deliverables There are several goals that I have set for myself over the next 10 years.

I will know that I have achieved them by the following deliverables; I will have my Master’s in Business in December. To continue my education I will have an acceptance letter for school and I will be ready to start classes. I will have financial aid established, and I will be enrolled in classes. Each term I will have my grades to show the work that I have completed and the information that I have learned will reflect in those grades. For my job search my deliverables will include job interviews and eventually it will result in an entry level or higher position with an accounting firm.

Deliverables for my business will include my business license. Advertisements will be effective and the best deliverable I can have with this is my first customer. After that future customers will show that my business is prospering. In the future the new offices that I plan on opening will again show that my business is prospering and it will be profitable. Conclusion In conclusion, I have made some very big goals for myself and I am a very determined person. I will work to the best of my ability in order to achieve these goals and many more that I have set for myself.

In the process I will continue to help those who need my assistance, no matter what the situation is. If I am able to help I will be there to do what I can. I will continue to work to the best of my ability in everything I do; I will also continue to work on the areas where I am aware of my weaknesses. In doing this I will continue to do self-evaluations as the time goes on to be sure that I am where I want to be, and that I am doing what I need to do in order to make my goals a reality. References: Roberts, J. , (2010). Personal Interview


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