McDonalds vs. Wendys Essay

Mr. Hooker
English 1301-3G1
14 October 2014
There seems to be a fast food restaurant on every corner, which can make it difficult when deciding where to eat. A childhood favorite has always been McDonalds, but when the child becomes an adult, Wendys specializes in catering to him or her. Wendys and McDonalds are both fast food restaurants with many similarities; however, each restaurant possesses characteristics that makes it different.

One of the main differences between the two restaurants are their menu options. While McDonalds has a larger amount of menu options, Wendys food is of better quality. After all, Wendys slogan is Quality Is Our Recipe. McDonalds serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, while Wendys, on the other hand, is merely lunch and dinner. Although Wendys does not serve breakfast, it more than makes up for it with its variety of gourmet burgers and sandwiches, a lacking quality of McDonalds menu. Occasionally, McDonalds will add the infamous McRib sandwich to its menu. While Wendys does not have a seasonal item, its square-shaped burger patty is unique in the fast food industry. Also, Wendys variety of sides are a fan favorite. Where McDonalds meals only come with fries as a side option, Wendys customers can choose from fries, baked potato, a bowl of chili or a salad.
Similarly, both restaurants offer a value menu for those customers who are on a tight budget. While these items may not be the healthiest, they do satisfy the customers hunger for less. To appeal to the healthier eater, fast food restaurants are continuously updating their menus to meet the demand. Wendys is the more noticeable winner with its vast diversity of specialty salads such as the Asian Cashew Chicken Salad or the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad. In comparison, McDonalds salads can be found at most fast food restaurants, lack visual appeal and are generic at best.
Another noticeable difference applies to the beverage menu. McDonalds has a wide variety of beverages which include Coca-Cola products and specialty drinks from its McCaf line. The line offers different flavored lattes, iced coffees, smoothies and other frozen beverages. While Wendys beverage options are not as grand as McDonalds, Wendys loyal customers will always prefer the decadent chocolate or classic vanilla frosty over anything else.
While there is no denying the difference between the two fast food restaurants, personal choice will inevitably be the winner. McDonalds has a modern yet simple take on fast food items, whereas Wendys sets the bar high for what to expect from a fast food restaurant.

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