Me in the Subic Essay

My Experience in Subic August 21 to 22 we have a tour in Subic and we arrive in subic at 9am. First we have an introduce seminar about in our course seminar about Front Office. After the seminar we go to the Ocean Adventure to eat lunch and enjoy about the dolphins, sea lion and other animals their. I was so disappointed in our lunch cause am so hungry that time and the food there is not enough to me. I enjoy a lot in Ocean Adventure cause first time I saw a dolphins and a sea lion and all of them are very intelligent.

After the ocean adventure we go to the Subic International Hotel this hotel is a separated facility they called Cluster. We arrive at the hotel at 5:30pm late afternoon. We are check-in in that hotel and the room is Quadruple Bed. After that we have a free time to make ourselves ready to the next seminar. I wash my body and to get ready for the seminar cause the next seminar is about Bartending. 7pm is the start of the seminar we go to the Golden Dragon Restaurant.

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Me in the Subic Essay
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The seminar start and they produce a drinks they call it “Sex on the Beach” and “Blow Job”. After the dinner they allow all students to mix any alcoholic drinks. After that we have a free time to do anything we want the other student’s wants to swim and many students’ likes to drink alcoholic beverages. August 22 is the last day in the subic the time to departure in the hotel. In the morning we have a breakfast after that we have a seminar in Housekeeping.

They introduce how to make a bed and proper beddings. I learn a lot in that seminar I can use that skill in my ojt. After the breakfast we have a time to make ourselves ready for our departure. The other students want to swim before they leave. In the lunch I was so surprise because our lunch is very delicious it’s so very nice. After the lunch its time to departure and before that we pass by at the subic duty free. ———————– [pic]


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