Me Remembering Family Traditions Essay

Having special stories or objects be past down to your childhood is an original family tradition, because it brings memories, gives you something to take with you as you grow old, and lets your kids continue to do this with their kids. Having that certain story that was told to you about family history is a very memorable memory. It shows and tells you how things were before you were born. Like what made then to how things are today in your family/ Pillsbury doughboy calendar that is about 25 inches long and about 18 inches wide.

It has little Pillsbury doughboy nic knacks dressed up to resemble each month. That for instant was handed down from my aunt to my grandma then to me three years ago when my Grandmother passed. Me having my calendar and being able to see it every day brings a smile to my face. This is something I can keep with me forever until I decide that my daughter is old enough to take on responsibilities to have it. This special object lets me have my grandmother with me every single day.

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Me Remembering Family Traditions Essay
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When I check to see what day it is I know she sees me looking at it with a smile when I’m looking at the date of Sept 10. My Grandmother knows how much I love that day, only because I reminded her and bugged her saying “Grandma you know my birthday is coming soon”. She loved it and always laughed that I always spent more time reminding family and friends when a birthday is just one day out of the whole year. It’s a great feeling for a child or a grown adult to have something that they can take whatever it was told or given to them to go and live life and have that certain memory of family.

Not everyone gets to have these special things be given to them A family tradition of passing down an object to someone or even telling a story about family history can always bring a big impact on any person to want to follow what was just passed down to him or her and continue the family tradition with their family. So if a family tradition has not been started in your family I suggest that you start now. It’s the best feeling in the world to have that memory of someone or something.


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