Means Are More Important Than End Essay

Means are more important than end This is a well- known proverb that we have heard many times. The ends are our goals and the means are the specific actions are take to achieve these goals. This proverb is often misleading as it gives the idea that we can achieve this goal through any means. I don’t think that the means is less important than the end. We all have so many goals to achieve. We also have our own ways of accomplishing it. Getting the desired result by any means is not at all correct. We must have some values, morals and ethics in our life.

For example, if we want to win a race, is it right to break the leg of the most competent runner? Or, if we want to get good marks in the exams, is it right to commit malpractices in the examinations hall. We can also achieve our ‘end’ of getting good marks by studying well. Today’s world is full of crimes of various types. People cheat and kill each other only to satisfy their selfish needs. Such people have the end goal set in their mind and have no regards about the ways they use in order to achieve these goals. They are ready to remove any hurdles that come in their way to success.

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Means Are More Important Than End Essay
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As a result, people have lost good values like trust, kindness, sympathy etc. All consider others as someone trying to block their way to success. According to me end is no less important than the means because doing the morally correct thing is what makes the end worthwhile. Don’t do yourself any favour by concentrating on the end and ignoring the means. If the means are not true, then you don’t get what you thought you were getting, because you were so focused on the end. Another point we must remember is that when a person is trying to achieve a goal, he/she gets transformed.

Whether they reach the goal or not is a different matter altogether. For example, when a person is preparing for a competitive exam, his / her knowledge level increases and his horizon widens. Whether he/ she make it through the exam is a different matter and this increased knowledge will definitely help that person in the longer run. So what I believe is that means are no less important than end. If the end is given priority, then one could do any illegal, cruel and unethical things to get there. That is wrong and will only nullify our achievements in the end. Our means should make us proud of our accomplishment not dishonorable.


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