Measuring Estimating Tendering And Methods Of Tendering Construction Essay

The method of individual phase selective tendering involves happening contractors, perchance from old experience, and inquiring them to subject stamps for the undertaking at manus.

Because you choose your contractors yourself you can properly excavation to happen the best 1. Past experience is ever a aid in doing your determination, non merely this but you can take into history the resources of the company you ‘re utilizing, their wellness and safety record and their mentions. Not merely this but when taking a contractor it is besides reasonable to take into consideration the type of work your making, some companies will specialize in different countries. There are a few benefits to utilizing individual phase selective tendering, foremost you can take your ain contractor and take bad executing contractors, secondly companies are competitory over it and in conclusion you can revolve your contractors guaranting you ever have a fresh brace of custodies.

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Measuring Estimating Tendering And Methods Of Tendering Construction Essay
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Two Phase Choice

Sometimes, possible contractors may be invited to initial treatments about the undertaking to supply input. This is normally merely when a undertaking has a short clip graduated table or the client does n’t hold much clip to work with. After this initial treatment the client can ask for his front-runner contractors back for a 2nd, which once more is a good manner to garner more thoughts and different inputs on the undertaking. After the 2nd interview the client should decidedly cognize who he wants on board and it the treatments should do it easier to choose his contractor. This is a good manner of choosing a contractor as you can garner a broad scope of input from the first two treatments ; it besides allows the client to run into all possible campaigners leting him to do a reasonable determination. In the 2nd meeting it is likely the contractors will convey measures of measures to subject as portion of the concluding stamp.

Open Tendering

Open tendering about explains itself. A client will set some signifier of advertizement out for a contractor and all contractors are welcome to answer. The client can so do this determination based on portfolios, mentions or CV ‘s of possible contractors. Open stamps normally occur when a service such a route cleansing is needed. The major disadvantage in unfastened tendering is that many contractors who you have know nil about, sing their costs and repute excessively, can use, intending you could stop up doing a bad determination due to minimum cognition. Mentions are of import in unfastened tendering.

Consecutive Tendering

Consecutive tendering has a figure of benefits to it. This is because when you choose a contractor for consecutive tendering he will be involved on a figure of undertakings. The contractor provides a monetary value for the first undertaking and so uses this to gauge monetary values for the undermentioned undertakings. This method of tendering is normally used when there are a figure of similar undertakings taking topographic point, for illustration a series of schools being built. The advantages to seriess tendering are that foremost, the contractor additions valuable cognition from initial undertakings to be used in the other undertakings and secondly the client is guaranteed a long term committedness from the contractor.


There are a figure of different aims you will put for yourself in the tendering phase of a undertaking. These objects can hold an affect on the stamp costs, and if they are non met, it means your overall monetary value will lift.

Net income Margin

The net income border of a undertaking is fundamentally how much net income there is to be made, it is a figure taking into consideration all of the costs, one time all these costs tax write-offs are done we are left with a unsmooth figure or how much money is to be made.


Costss are ever a cardinal thing to maintain in head ; it will decidedly be an aim for the contractors and client to guarantee that they keep within their cost restraints. The lower the overall costs of your undertaking, the lower the inquiring monetary value will be. Some contractors will free money from their ain pocket if they do non maintain to their initial set costs.


It is of import to guarantee you maintain within your timescale on a undertaking, drawn-out undertakings will be more money than short 1s and traveling over your clip graduated table will hold a axial rotation on consequence on the overall monetary value.



Main Contractors

The chief influence in the degrees of stamps is the value of a undertaking. Small undertakings tend to hold big balls sum overheads ensuing in little net income borders whereas larger undertakings rely on monolithic fiscal committednesss. There are legion other factors that affect the degrees of tendering:

The figure and repute of other companies seeking to procure a stamp.

The economic clime of a state.

Bank of England Base rate – higher base rate=higher loan refund



The location of a undertaking can hold a monolithic consequence on the stamp monetary value. For Example, if a client chose a contractor based in the UK to transport out plants in northern Scotland the stamp monetary value will be significantly higher. Not merely will monetary values lift due to the fact that the contractor will hold to acquire himself and his work forces and machinery to northern Scotland and back but sometimes, on long-run undertakings, the contractor will hold to pay for impermanent adjustment, including nutrient and drink. Impermanent adjustment will be a batch and can hold a great affect on the contractors ‘ stamp monetary value. Not merely this but besides, if the undertaking is based someplace like London, where life costs are well larger than the remainder of the UK, this can hold an consequence on the stamp monetary value.

Site Access

The handiness of a site can besides hold a important affect on the stamp monetary value. If the site is in the center of a busy metropolis Centre, this will do it difficult for big works to entree ; metropolis Centres besides bring a batch of traffic which consequences in holds. If your site is little with non many entree paths or roads it can hold hard for larger works to acquire in, some undertakings require new entree points and paths to be made for larger works to make their occupations. This evidently costs money, which consequences on a larger stamp monetary value.

Site Conditionss

If the chosen site is unlevelled or bad it means that before plants can even continue, the site will hold to be sorted out. This can be a batch of clip and money depending on the province of the site. Some sites are contaminated which will ensue in a monolithic operation to decontaminate the site and a monolithic addition in stamp pricing.

Bomber Contractors

Subcontractors are normally appointed in one of two ways. The first manner is as a domestic subcontractor to the chief contractor and the 2nd is a nominative subcontractor by the client. When there is specialist work that needs to be done that a contractor can non, he will direct for a subcontractor who can make the work. Some subcontractors get recommend by the client. There are one time once more, factors that influence the monetary values:

The location of the work

The agenda of the subcontractor

How specialist the work is

The client/contractor relationship with the sub contractor.


Single Stage Selective

Single phase tendering requires the possible contractors to go to one interview with the client before one is chosen. This method is normally used when the client is looking for a partnership understanding with a guaranteed monetary value and net income portion. Single rate is besides good for undertakings that need specialist attending. It is a good method for the undertakings such as infirmaries where the client can vouch a max monetary value.

Two Phase Choice

This sort of tendering is frequently used for the design and build facet of a undertaking as it is good for garnering a broad scope of thoughts from a figure of possible contractors. A reasonable contractor will convey thoughts to salvage money to the client and whoever normally manages to salvage the most money will be hired. This is a good method for specialized demands as the information you gather from the contractors can inform you on whether of non they themselves can transport out the work, which will be cheaper, or whether they have good links with sub contractors that specialise in that country. Two phase choice is good for any edifice that needs specializer attention and besides for school and colleges as the client gets important input from all the possible contractors in the first two phases.

Consecutive Tendering

Consecutive tendering is used when there are a figure of similar undertakings being undertook. It is good because the contractor can utilize his cognition from pricing the first edifice to so monetary value the undermentioned undertakings excessively. Not all the undertakings have the same layout but are similar in stuff and works demand. This enables the contractor to acquire a quicker thought of monetary value scopes for the other undertakings as he already knows what he is anticipating. Consecutive tendering is used when a series of school are being built, it can besides work for a series of police Stationss or infirmaries. Consecutive tendering is besides good for lodging undertakings, store ironss and eating house ironss.

Open Tendering

Open tendering is the most traditional tendering method. It is when anyone is unfastened to subject a stamp and the client will travel through the appliers and choose, who he believes, to be the most suited campaigner. Open tendering can work for any sort of edifice and besides is used for general services like route cleansing. It is good because you get a broad scope of appliers to take from. Even edifices that need specialist work done can be unfastened tendered as the contractors themselves can name subcontractors for that sort of work.

There are a figure of different factors that will hold an consequence on stamp method to be chosen, the undermentioned factors can all hold an consequence on what sort of stamp method you use ;

The location of the undertaking, European building plants are normally dealt with otherwise to non-EU building undertakings.

Undertaking size, monolithic multi-million undertakings sometimes need the combined aid of a figure of contractors, e.g. Channel Tunnel.

Fiscal stableness of building company tendering for the work.

Company repute

Company resources, including works, labor and stuffs.

Company competence, including wellness and safety facets.

The size of undertakings does hold a large consequence on the contractor you can utilize. For many little undertakings, worth about & A ; lb ; 10,000 or less, the bulk of clients would happen a local contractor to make the occupation, nevertheless for the larger scale undertakings contractors can be brought in from all corners of the state.

Not merely size but besides the type of work being carried out affects this excessively, as mentioned before, sometimes a figure of contractors will hold to fall in together, in what we call a pool, in order to run into the high demand of resources needed.

And in conclusion, the monolithic, high-value undertakings must be kept an oculus on. To guarantee they have the capacity to take on such a big fiscal debt and the associated hard currency flow demands, the fiscal histories of a prospective stamp must be checked over a figure of old ages.


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