Measuring Quality Health Care Essay

Measuring Quality Health Care Axia College of University of Phoenix There are several ways to measure a patient outcome of the treatment and recovery. One is the treatment successful in which means that was the treatment a success. Did the patient benefit from the treatment and is the patient better than before. The quality of care depended on, not only on the high tech equipment that is used but also on the way the equipment that was used.

The best treatments do not only mean the best equipment must be used but the technicians that use the equipment and those that can read the results of the test that are completed. If the patient has gained the benefit from treatment then this would be considered a positive measure of quality. The role of the health care worker is to not only care out doctors orders or provide assistance buy the treating physician but their role is one that the patient is under at all times.

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Measuring Quality Health Care Essay
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They are the ones that make the patient feel comfortable about the treatment or their surroundings, but also to help with the emotional well being of the patient. The health care works do have a say in the outcome of quality care of a patient. The health care worker must be able to see a problem and august to the problem of the patient to ensure better quality of care.

The patient’s needs must be meet to ensure better care service to and for the patient With all the modern technologies that are available to help a patient for the swift recovery it is still up to the health care worker for the quality of care that the patient deserves and needs to service their illness. When letting the health care worker determine the quality of care for the patient guidelines are used and the rest is to the health care work to give the best level of health care possible. It is still the health care worker that is the one that has the compassion to help those that are suffering from an illness.


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