Media and Its Effects on Teenagers Today Essay

Before 1936 when television launched life would have been very different than It is now. Teenagers getting pregnant had never really been heard of and people having affairs or getting divorced would have been very slim. Television brought many different and innovative programs, soap operas which have become the most popular over the years. These soap operas deal with a variety of different issues, but it was in the middle and late 1990’s when this programs started to disturb me.

They started to deal with issues such as teenage pregnancy, affairs, divorce and homosexuality which I found offensive and very disturbing to watch and not only did they deal with these issues, they showed it in graphic proportion which I found a little distasteful and because all of this is being shown on television I believe that it is making the British public think that these terrible things are normal and if their idols on television are doing it, what’s to stop them.

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Media and Its Effects on Teenagers Today Essay
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Although it is not just television other forms of media such as film and newspapers can affect us in our society. Film I believe can be extremely damaging to people in our society, films such as American Pie and Scary Movie can be damaging to teenagers. American Pie for example sends the message across to young people that teenagers having sex is quite ok, but what the film doesn’t concentrate on is the consequence that these actions can lead to and the suffering that teenage girls would have to go through as a result of their actions.

The other film that I mentioned Scary Movie, I feel is more damaging to teenagers and young adults because it sends the same message across as American Pie as well as sending the message out that taking drugs is fine and that its fun to kill people and then people wonder why the world is like what it is today. Newspapers can be equally as damaging. Although I feel that it is tabloid papers that pose the biggest threat. Tabloid papers are mainly based on rumors and gossip rather than the actually facts and they exaggerate their stories a little to much as well.


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