Medical Assisting Essay

Terrice c. cistrunk 109 Locksley WY. #64 Student# 21229727 Exam# 40976500 Part A. 1. The difference between qualitative and quantitative medical record analysis is. Qualitative analysis involves review of document quality based on regulatory and clinical standards. As where quantitative analysis is done to determine if the necessary documents and forms are present, complete and authenticated. 2. The basic specifications for designing a form are. That the form should be designed to meet specific needs.

It is important that form design is planned, has proper layout, and determines is demographic information should be provided by the patient or not. A good form design should reduce writing, avoid repeated information, and be set for standardized information. 3. There are three types of numeric filing or numbering systems. These types of systems are known as serial numbering, unit numbering, and serial unit. Each system operates similar as far as filing medical records according to numbers.

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Serial numbering is designed where a patient receives a new patient number for each admission or treatment. Unit numbering requires for the patient to obtain the same medical record number that is given at first admission. This system uses family numbering or social security numbers. Last but not least the serial unit system merges the other two systems. The patient will receive a new medical record number upon treatment or admission. The patient will obtain the number until their medical record is forwarded. Part B. . The proper way to correct an entry in the medical record is to; draw a single line through the mistake, followed by writing an explanatory note such as (ERROR). the final step is to sign and dated the correction. 2. As the director of the health information department my policy manual should contain the following: philosophy of the organization, mission statement, organizational charts, goals and objectives of the department or organization, functions and services, and last but not least personnel guidelines. . The major disadvantage of manual indexes are, manual indexes tend to be more time consuming when it comes to compilation and maintenance. It also is very costly because a trained person is required to enter the data manually or by computer. 4. The benefits of color coding are that color coding makes filing and retrieving medical record files easier. It also decreases problems with misfiling. 5. It is important to maintain a log of the request for release of information because.

The release of information log is used for monitoring request of information and making sure there is a way to review and update the request and make sure that the request are processed timely. Part C. 1. C. (108) 2. D. (job description) 3. A. (90) 4. D. (procedure manual) 5. A. (late patient arrival) 6. B. (within 10 days of surgery) 7. A. (policy manual) 8. C. (total number of deliveries for the period) 9. C. (ensures that patient appointments aren’t scheduled at times when health care practitioners aren’t available) 10. A. (13)


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