Medical Terminology AAPC homework

Incision into a burn in order to lessen its pull on the surrounding tissue
A surgeon performs an escharotomy. This procedure is best described as:
Under the toenail/fingernail
Where would a subungual hematoma be located?
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Medical Terminology AAPC homework
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A bacterial skin infection
Impetigo is best described as:
Pronation is turning the hand to have the palm face:
Abnormal muscle tone causing abnormal postures and muscle spasm
Which of the following characterizes the disorder dystonia?
Arthritis is an inflammation of what?
The dome-shaped muscle under the lungs flattening during inspiration is the:
A respiratory disease characterized by overexpansion and destruction of the alveoli is identified as:
The word describing the presence of blood in the pleural cavity is:
A thin membrane lining the chambers of the heart and valves is called the:
A procedure widening a narrowed vessel or obstructed blood vessel is called a(n):
Restriction of blood supply, commonly due to factors in the blood vessel, that can result in damage or dysfunction of tissue is known as:
Suture of a wound of the spleen
Splenorrhaphy is described as:
A deficiency of cells in the blood is defined as:
Bone marrow harvesting is a procedure to obtain bone marrow from a donor. Bone marrow collected from a close relative is:
This is a procedure to visualize the contents of the mediastinum:
The operative overlapping of tissue to repair a defect in the diaphragm is called:
The root word for mouth is:
A surgical procedure creating an opening into the jejunum is defined as a:
Inflammation of the membrane lining the abdominal cavity and covering the abdominal organs is called:
Excessive potassium in the blood is referred to as:
A medical treatment used to remove the waste products in the blood is:
A patient is diagnosed with inflammation of the testis and epididymis. The medical term for this condition is:
What condition results from failure of the testis to descend into the scrotum?
Surgical cutting into the seminal vesicles
A vesiculotomy is defined as:
Create an opening to the gland and suture the cut edges to form a pouch
A Bartholin’s gland cyst may be treated by marsupialization. This treatment is described as:
Extreme cold
Destruction of lesions of the vulva can be done with cryosurgery. This method uses:
What term describes a woman in her first pregnancy?
A form of milk produced the first few days after giving birth is:
Brownish pigmentation appearing on the face
Melasma is defined as:
A condition where the thyroid is overactive is called:
The root for pertaining to pancreatic islet cells is:
Enlargement of the adrenal gland
Adrenomegaly is defined as:
Select the term to describe destruction of a nerve or nervous tissue:
The term for a shaking or involuntary movement is:
Tumor of the meninges
A meningioma is defined as:
Tympanic membrane
The meaning of the root myring/o is:
Test measuring hearing using bone conduction and air conduction
What is the Rinne’s test?
The term for pain in the ear is:
Excision of the lacrimal sac
A dacryocystectomy describes:
The meaning of the root blephar/o is:
Unequal vision in the two eyes
The meaning of heteropsia (or anisometropia) is:
An X-ray procedure allowing the visualization of internal organs in motion
The radiology term fluoroscopy is described as:
Salivary glands
Sialography is an X-ray of:
A projection is the path of the X-ray beam. If the projection is front to back it would be:
Cytopathology is the study of:
The process of preserving cells or whole tissues at extremely low temperatures is known as:
Anterior chamber of the eye
A gonioscopy is an examination of what part of the eye:
A diagnostic tool in sleep medicine is:
Subarachnoid space
Intrathecal injection is administered into the:

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