Meiosis and Answer. a. Essay

Meiosis and Answer. a BY sptke201293 6 out of a maximum of 10 (60%) Question 1 Marks: 1 The change from a answer. a. gametophyte to a sporophyte b. zygote to a sporophyte c. gamete to zygote d. gametophyte to gamete e. sporophyte to gametophyte Correct Marks for this submission: 1/1 . Question 2 occurs as a result of meiosis. Choose one In the life cycle of sexually reproducing plants, the diploid body is commonly referred to as the Choose one answer. a. syngamy. b. gametophyte. c. egg or sperm. d. porophyte. e. meiocyte. Question 3 In meiosis, a doubling of the amount of DNA in each chromosome occurs in Choose one answer. a. telophase II. b. prophase l. d. telophase l. e. interphase. Incorrect Marks for this submission: 0/1 . Question 4 One difference between meiosis and mitosis is that in meiosis Choose one answer. a. there are three sequential nuclear divisions. b. the chromosomal number is increased. c. two cells are produced. d. six identical cells result. e. homologous chromosomes pair.

Question 5 In flowering plants, sexual reproduction leads to the production of ffspring for the next generation. Choose one answer. a. seed b. new shoots c. genetically identical plants d. bulbs and corms e. flowers Question 6 the Sets of chromosomes that are morphologically similar, but potentially carry different versions of each gene are referred to as a. homologues . Choose one answer. c. chromatids d. gene pairs e. centromeres Question 7 Plants that have two critical photoperiods are called Choose one answer. a. long-day plants. b. day-neutral plants. . intermediate-day plants. d. hort-day plants. e. critical-day plants. Question 8 Which of the following play a major role in water-conservation movements of grasses? Choose one answer. a. epidermal cells b. bulliform cells c. fibers d. mesophyll cells e. glands Question 9 In which phase of meiosis does crossing-over occur? b. anaphase II c. metaphase II d. prophase II e. prophase I Question 10 Which of the following is NOT a part of sexual reproduction? Choose one answer. a. meiosis b. fusion of egg and sperm c. mitosis d. vegetative spores e. zygote

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