Memoirs of a Geisha Analysis Essay

The main characters,Chiyo and Satsu, were taken to Kyoto with a promise of a better life compared to the life they have at the village but they only ended up in an okiya and a prostitution house, respectively. Hatsumomo maltreats Chiyo because she foresees that someday, Chiyo will achieve more than what she did in her lifetime. Hatsumomo held Chiyo responsible for stealing her brooch although it was a lie so that she will be more favored. Mameha purposely wounded Sayuri’s thigh so she can gain Dr.

Crab’s loyalty and influence. Hatsumomo and Pumpkin followed Mameha and Sayuri to steal the attention of their customers. The Baron offers Sayuri a kimono privately then molests her so he can fulfill his needs. Mrs. Nitta sells Sayuri’s mizuage ritual to Dr. Crab since it will cause her to get more money. Pumpkin betrayed Sayuri in order to get the latter’s customers. All these circumstances leads to prove that greed is the root cause of the abuse of rights.

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Memoirs of a Geisha Analysis Essay
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For example, when Chiyo and Satsu were brought to Kyoto, it was without their knowledge and consent, meaning, their right to know what is happening and to decide is robbed from them. Another circumstance is when Mrs. Nitta sold Sayuri’s mizuage ritual to Dr. Crab just to get the money she wanted. In this certain scene, Sayuri was again removed of her right to make decisions for herself. Thus leading to the conclusion that greed is the main cause of the abuse of human rights.


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