Memorable Trip - Water Sports Activity Essay

Water Sports Activity – H2O on 1st May 2010 Yippee!! Hurray! My joy knew no bounds when my mother announced that CMC had arranged a water sports activity which comprised of Jet Ski, speed boat, motor boat and bay cruise. But alas, the date was the day of my results. After a lot of coaxing and cajoling, I persuaded my mother and we decided to pick up my result early and directly reach the venue. We did the same and reached H2O Water Sports. As we were reaching the venue we could see the speed at which the Jet Ski was going and butterflies started fluttering in the pits of my stomach.

When we reached inside the venue, we were assured looking at the safety features provided. We were provided life jackets and what more – an expert skier was to accompany on every Jet Ski ride. I chose two of the most enthralling sports – Jet Ski and speed boat. We were given priority over other, since we belonged to the CMC group. The Jet Ski is a scooter shaped streamlined automobile that zips through water (I had only seen it in movies). As I went close to the jetty, I saw a man getting down from the ski, brimming with joy.

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Memorable Trip – Water Sports Activity Essay
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I too felt ecstatic to board the Jet Ski and luckily my chance came next. The expert skier took me on the ride and we zoomed through the water, leaving me breathless with excitement. In fact, I even took my mother’s chance so that I could go for one more round. The speed boat was an open topped small boat with high speed motor attached at its end. For balancing minimum four people were required (except the driver). My father, mother, an uncle and I sat on the boat, with me sitting on the dashboard.

The slightly bumpy, exciting and fast ride left me craving for more. After the wonderful boating experience Philomena Aunty took us to the famous Girgaum Chowpatty where scrumptious snacks lay in store for us. We were given a choice between all different kinds of chaats and we chitchatted over bottles of cold drinks and mineral water. Then we bade each other adieu. This was one of the most memorable trips whose every moment will be etched in my memory for a long time.


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