Memorandum Essay

To: All teachers
Date:August 22, 2016
Subject:AR point requirements
As we start our new school year, I would like to remind everyone about our AR point requirements. Students must meet both requirements to be considered for the Six Weeks party, along with their behavior in class. If students do not meet their goal of 85% on accuracy and 100% of their points read, then they will not even be considered. If they meet both of those requirements, haven’t been sent to the office, or had more than three warnings in class then they are eligible for the party.

I could really use your help in encouraging our students to work hard to meet their goals. Not every kid has the same goal. It is an individual goal that they are encouraged to do their best to achieve. If you see a kid struggling please find them a reading partner to read with to help them along the way.
Not every school has a program as eventful as ours. We have shown great improvement in the past two years and I look forward to seeing much more! This will be another great year! Please help me out as we are here to show these kids that reading can be fun and a key to their success.

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cc: Janice George, Principal
From: [emailprotected]
To: TVCC Dean of Students
Subject: Added Late Night Parking Lot Student Safety
Dean Jordan,
For several weeks now there has been a feeling of fear from students as they walk to their dorms or parking lot after night classes. This has been caused by the recent vehicle burglaries, and student assaults on campus. So, we have decided to take your advice, and not travel alone.
Several student groups have volunteered to escort other students to their dorms or parking spaces at night. This in return has caused some of us to come in late past curfew. Would you please discuss this issue with the Dorm Advisors and let them know that the reasoning for the past curfew entries is justified, We feel this is added security needed until the college is able to boost its police force parking lot patrols.

I have arraigned a meeting of several fraternities, and student groups to discuss this further. It will be held Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 6PM in the Student union Building. We invite you to attend and add your thoughts.

Julie Florence


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