Men in early childhood education Essay

Men in early childhood education BY TATTOOIST Mrs.. C Com II 25 October, 201 3 Men in Early Childhood Education Men are seen in few numbers when it comes to the world of early childhood education or what is known as a “woman’s world” because of the salary elementary teachers make, stereotypes, the possibility of accusations of sexual abuse and the preferences of the male himself. Men stand out in teaching elementary because they are role models and because their ability to connect to their students. Lately, the number of men In this field has decreased and continues to decline.

There are small regenerates of men in early childhood education, but with the few that are: what makes them want to teach the field, or what makes them stand out from other in the field? In today’s society there are a small number of men in the field of early childhood education. The number of men in early childhood education has been at a decline over the recent years. At the greatest “Men accounted for less than one- fourth of all teachers” (Snyder paragraph #1). In an elementary school In San Bernardino City of 1 88 classrooms there are only 17 men, and those statistics show “little indication of that figure changing anytime soon. Snyder paragraph #1 ) So why is the number of men in the field so low? Research says that fifty percent of the teaching population is in the high school because, “Teachers in elementary school typically don’t make as much money as teachers in high school do. “(Snyder paragraph #3) This leads men to choose professions such as high school or collegiate classes. For men, It Is more than the low Income that keeps them from Joining this teaching profession; It’s the stereotypes and the possibility of being known as a sexual predator.

In elementary education, or a “woman’s world”, men are looked at in prejudice view by the parents of the students and former colleagues who are most likely women. For a man wanting to teach second grade, the principle of San Bernardino County elementary school said, “Don’t you realize that parents are going to look at you funny” or “looked upon with perverted suspicion” (Now paragraph #3 and 6). Being looked at funny or having “People think there’s something wrong with you” is enough for a man to think twice before becoming an elementary school teacher. Now Paragraph #7) Men also have to worry about the possibility of being accused of sexual harassment or abuse. It is hard for a man to always watch what he does when he is focused on education of the children. Showing sincerity for a man such as hug or a pat on the back could be costly because “there’s a very thin line between good touch and bad touch. ” (Nelson Paragraph #3) Just because males feel this tension, It draws them away from an early childhood educator. Children benefit from having a male teacher, both in the class room and in life.

Male differ from women because men “teach the subject” while women prefer to nurture children (Woodman page #4). Other situation’s such as in a school setting a man does not only river as an educator but as a role model also. For a single parent family which may “lack a male Incidence,” a male teacher serves as role models Tort ten center Tanat they teach. (Snyder Paragraph #8) Some kids do not have a father figure in their lives which could have a huge impact on how well their children do in school. “Some kids connect better with male teachers. ” (Snyder paragraph #8) Kids Just need the male figure in their life at that age somehow.

Even though male teachers receive a low income, it is a very inspiring and a life changing experience. Teachers get to change ivies and help students succeed, because they are the beginning, the base, of the children’s education. Male teachers have a better intimidating look to them and they control their classes easier which allows students to keep their focus. With being a teacher it is important to stay strong and not let their students run over them, but being a male teacher has the look to almost scare the students and keep their behavior positive. Men are popular when it comes to elementary school teaching.

Kids love male teachers because they are easy to talk to, cool, goofy, and have a torture about them that makes the learning environment fun but controlled. Men are exiting and positive teachers who have “provided structured, disciplined learning environments” for their students. (Rogers Comment #2) They are seen in few numbers in elementary education because of stereotypes and possible accusations of being a sexual predator. Of the few men who do teach elementary education, statistics show that male teachers are good because of their qualities of being a good role model and abilities to teach their students in a structured and controlled way.

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