Men of Honor Essay

Cosby. B. and Robertson. S. ( Producers ) & A ; Tillman. G. ( Director ) . ( 2001 ) . Work force of Honor [ Motion Picture ] . United States of American: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation The film begins by presenting Master Chief Leslie W. ( “Billy” ) Sunday ( Robert DeNiro ) . a US Navy Diver. who has late gone AWOL. The film so flashes back 25 old ages. where an Afro-american male child named Carl Braschear is watching his male parent work the plough on their farm. Carl wants to discontinue school so that he will be able to assist work and so forestall the farm from ruin.

Carl’s male parent is against his boy being “like him” and stuck working on a farm. As clip base on ballss Carl ( Cuba Gooding Jr. ) decides to fall in the Navy. On the twenty-four hours Carl is go forthing for the Navy. Carl’s male parent gives his boy a made-to-order portable wireless as a souvenir of place. and tells Carl to be the best. even if it means interrupting the regulations. Carl winds up working in the kitchens on the USS Hoist in the South Pacific. He and the other African American officer’s gag about the alleged “bright future” the Navy promised them.

Afterwards. Carl and his friends go up on deck where the white officers are swimming ( the black crew members are assigned a specific twenty-four hours when they can swim ) . Carl. tired and hot. decides to leap in the H2O. The white officers try and chase him down. but Carl out-swims all of them. The ships’ captain meets with Carl and. impressed with the boy’s velocity. decides to reassign Carl to the hunt & A ; deliverance swimmers. a group assigned to deliver anyone who falls overboard on ship. A few yearss subsequently. the ship is rocked by an evident clang.

Carl assists the others on deck in raising a Navy Diver from the sea floor with the hurt pilot. The Diver is Master Chief Sunday. Carl. holding seen Sunday’s actions as heroic. is divine and vows to go a Navy Master Diver. Two old ages subsequently. Carl is describing for Diving School. Despite the rough interventions. Carl performs laudably in his preparation. piecing machinery and accommodating to the diving suit with much greater consequences than a big figure of his schoolmates. Unfortunately. Carl is falling behind in the academic requirements-scoring merely a 37 on his first test.

If he fails once more. Carl will be kicked out of the plan. One weekend. on leave. Carl comes to a library in the hopes of acquiring a coach to assist him. He meets a immature adult female named Jo who is analyzing medical specialty. Carl stays the full dark at the library reading and larning more about the Navy plan. Following forenoon. Jo is so impressed by his advancement that she agrees to assist Carl. After persevering analyzing Carl passed his following test leting him to stay in the navy dive plan.

The clip has come and Carl has passed his concluding test with a 94. Head Sunday has been instructed by the Senior Officer at the preparation to school to make whatever is necessary to forestall Carl from go throughing the concluding trial. Most of the other recruits are able to finish the undertaking in approximately 2 hours. Carl remains in the H2O for 9 hours after holding to happen all of his constituents in the agonizingly cold H2O ; Carl Brashear has passed his concluding and basically graduated with awards from Diving School. After waiting several old ages as a base by frogmans. Carl eventually is assigned to a ship leting him to plunge.

An accident on the ship’s deck causes the lines to snarl. Carl shoves several other deck custodies aside. but his ain leg is caught by the snapped wire. Carl realizes his diving yearss are over but garbages to give up. he request his leg be amputated. He begins the hard procedure of larning to travel and move with a prosthetic. Maestro Chief Sunday pays Carl a visit while in the infirmary and encourages him to non give up and they will develop together. Two months subsequently. after finishing all the hard undertakings Naval Personnel placed before him. he was reinstated to full plunging responsibility.

Carl became the first Afro-american amputee to be on active Navy diving responsibility. and be promoted to Master Chief. Carl continued in his Naval calling for another nine old ages before eventually retiring. Personal Reflection Men or Honor is a film which offers the spectator a great trade of emotion. Even though I antecedently watch the film some old ages before. I felt this would be the perfect film based on our surveies. Carl. the chief histrion in the film was determined to win in life. Because of his father’s assurance and finding. Carl wanted a better life.

Society systematically provides barriers for everyone even those with some type of disablement. In each section of the film. my feelings bounced between shouting and express joying. Each clip Carl was faced with an hardship. I found myself acquiring huffy Critical Thought This week’s treatment dealt with Individuals and Disabilities. Over the old ages. people who have a “disability” have been subjected to prejudice and more. And the first manner to decrease person is through linguistic communication. by utilizing words or labels to place a individual as “less-than. ” as “the others—not like us. ” and so forth.

Once a individual has been identified this manner. it makes it easier to warrant bias and favoritism. One of many constructs which caught my attending this hebdomad was the importance of seting a individual foremost before the disablement. This allows the disablement to be in the background while the focal point is on the individual. Often times. people with disablements are contending society to allow them cognize they are non their disablements. Peoples are non victims due to their disablement ; people are victims of attitudes and favoritism.


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