Mental Retardation Essay

Student name: Emanuel D. Mayola Instructor name: Prof. Cyril Belvis Course name: AB-Psychology Date: August 7, 2010 Mental Retardation In This Paper we will see and described the many social problems that mentally retarded peoplemust deal on a daily basis, including intellectual disabilities how they will survive in their everyday lives if they are not capable to live because of their lack of knowledge. So there are so many disadvantages if you suffer a Mental Retardation.

And also in this paper we can see the different meanings and definitions about Mental Retardation, the Disadvantages of it, the Four levels of Mental Retardation and how we’re going to deal with this kind of disorder and also how to cure it. And while you reading this paper you will realize that we need to properly care for those people who are suffering mental retardation. In their case we don’t have to underestimate them or rather show to them that there are different because they might be offended which is not good to them, they can understand us even they are suffering a low or intellectual disabilities.

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Although it is really hard to communicate with them especially if the patient is at his profound Mental Retardation stage, so we need a lot of patience and understanding to attain their proper care that they deserve. Mental Retardation or Intellectual Disabilities is characterized by a significant below average score on a test of mental ability or intelligence and because of it they have limitations in all things that they want to do, such as communication, self care and getting along with social situations and in their school activities. Intellectual disability is also called a cognitive disability or simply means Mental Retardation.

Children with Mental Retardation or intellectual disability can do or learn how to develop their skills, but they develop slowly unlike the average Children with average Intelligence. They are very different from normal children because the normal who ranging their Intelligence Quotient (I. Q. ) can easily understand whatever you instruct to them or to do to them. Mental Retardation can easily understand as a condition that effects the mental and cognitive functioning of the individual and can’t easily learn how to develop their socialization skills.

In ordered to be considered mentally retarded, their I. Q. must below 75, they have limitations in their skills in many areas, and the condition is from childhood who is age is 18 to younger. People can be mentally retarded in different levels. If your I. Q. is ranging in 78% you can also suffer a little bit of slow understanding rather than the average person. Most Children with Mental Retardation or Intellectual disabilities do not noticeable symptoms until they are in preschool. Mental Retardation is not a specific disorder and also it is not a mental health disorder.

People with Mental Retardation have limits in their ability in whatever they do. Mental Retardation is a very serious illness in fact if we’re going to survey here in our country I think here in the Philippines approximately 3% of our populations are suffering a Mental Retardation. The Causes of Mental Retardation are some on genetic, some are present before and others occur after pregnancy, during birth of after birth. The common factor is that there is something wrong in the growth and development of the brain.

Although it’s really hard to identify a specific cause of Mental Retardation specially if it is in the stages of Severe and Profound. Some Children with Mental Retardation have abnormalities at birth or after birth. Theses abnormalities may be physical as well as neurologic and include unusual facial features, for example a head that is too large or small a feet and hands and others. Sometimes in other cases children have an normal appearance but have the other signs of serious illness such as seizures, lethargy, vomiting, abnormal urine odor and failure to feed and grow normally.

During their first year, children with severe Mental Retardation or intellectual Disabilities have delayed development of their motor skills, and their slow to roll, sit and stand. Most children with Mental Retardation or intellectual disabilities do not develop symptoms that can be noticeable until preschool period. Symptoms become apparently at a younger age in those more severely affected. Usually the first problem that can be notice by parents is a delay in language development.

Children with Mental Retardation are slower to use words, put words together and speak in complete sentence. Their social development is sometimes slow because of their lack of intelligence or cognitive impairment. Children with Mental Retardation maybe slow to learn how to dress themselves and to feed themselves. Children with Mental Retardation are somewhat more likely than to other children to have behavioral problems, such as explosive outburst, temper tantrums, and physically aggressive behavior.


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