Merchant of Venice Assesment Essay

In this appraisal I will analyze Shakespeare’s usage of linguistic communication. construction and dramatic techniques to show the relationship between Shylock and the Christians at different points of the drama. I will first look at Act 1 Scene 3. where we learn that Shylock has suffered pitilessly at the custodies of the Christians and now harbors an about sadistic hatred towards them. This can be grounds by Shylock’s statement to Antonio. “You………gabardine. ” . This statement allows the audience to derive an apprehension of Shylock’s feelings and hatred towards Antonio. However. what is intriguing about this quotation mark is Shakespeare’s usage of the words “you” and “dog” . This is because. although Shylock and Antonio have ne’er met earlier. Shylock’s usage of the word “you” suggests otherwise.

The ground behind Shakespeare’s usage of personal and direct linguistic communication is to let the audience to conceive of Antonio as the incarnation of Christianity. Thus. allowing the Elizabethan audience know that Shylock’s feelings of hatred is really aimed towards the Christians and therefore the Elizabethan audience themselves. therefore doing farther resent and bias towards Shylock’s character. While the usage of the word “dog” . which is repeated throughout the drama. non merely symbolises that the Christians see Shylock as beneath them and will ne’er be their equal. But besides reinforces. through the usage of repeat. that Shylock is seen as an infestation to the Elizabethan society. which in bend adds to Shylock’s humiliation and finding for retaliation.

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However. due to his societal ranking Shylock must consciously recognize his place of lower status and must besides handle the Christians with a. one sided. regard. despite his flush place. Shakespeare manages to demo this nonvoluntary regard from Shylock to Antonio by structuring the duologue between these two chief characters in poesy. Furthermore the degree of hatred that Shylocks possesses towards the Christians can be grounds from Shylocks aside speech to the audience. “If………bear him. ” The “ancient grudge” in this instance being that Antonio is a Christian. This aside statement non merely strengthens the thought that the common contempt between Shylock and the Christian is spiritual in nature. but besides Shylock’s obsessional demand for retaliation. a retaliation he hopes to accomplish through Antonio’s bond.

Because of this aside address. most modern twenty-four hours audiences would be able to sympathize with Shylocks need for requital. However. for an Elizabethan audience. Shylock’s aside address will hold no sympathetic consequence. Alternatively it was a dramatic techniques used by Shakespeare to add farther bias towards Shylock’s character and to add comedic value to the drama. In Act 3 Scene 1. we see the earnestness of Shylock’s sadistic nature when he discovers that Antonio can non carry through his bond. Arguing that his compulsion for retaliation is merely and he is entitled to avenge. in the same manner that any Christian would. “hath… . . ? ” . “If… . . retaliation! ”

This iconic address uses a figure of persuasive techniques to warrant Shylocks feelings and demand for requital. First notice Shakespeare’s usage of rhetorical inquiries in speedy sequence. This technique causes the audience to believe. hold and really sympathize with Shylock statement to some extent. This understanding is so reinforced. through the usage of imagination. leting the audience to derive a better apprehension of Shylock’s feeling and emotions. Therefore do the audience to gain some of the bias that is presently present towards the Jewish community.

In decision Shakespeare has used a assortment of techniques and signifiers of linguistic communications to efficaciously foreground the bias towards the Jewish community during the Elizabethan period. In the two act that I mentioned it is clear that Shylocks feels he merit justness through personal retaliation and that he is non respected in the society. due to the Christians chesty and prejudice vies towards his people. Although most of usage might non morally agree with Shylock’s attack in seeking requital. there is no denying that the linguistic communication used by Shakespeare is a strong reminder of what persecution can hold on an person.


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