Mesopotamia and Egypt Sample Essay

Between 3500-500 BCE. Mesopotamia and Egypt were both seen as major civilisation. Although they are both ancient river civilisations and have many similarities. there are multiple differences between their faith. societal construction. and political systems. Three similarities between Mesopotamia. and Egypt is that they were both patriarchal societies. both had written linguistic communications. and had instruction. They are both patriarchal societies as evidenced by Egypt holding Pharaohs and Mesopotamia holding Kings. They both had written linguistic communications as evidenced by multiple findings of slabs of clay with symbols. besides known as cuneiform authorship. in Mesopotamia and hieroglyphic authorship on sheets of papyrus in Egypt. They both had an instruction system as evidenced by the Mesopotamian survey of uranology and mathematics and the Egyptian determination of “The Satire of the Trades. ” Patriarchal societies are a similarity between Egypt and Mesopotamia because Egypt was chiefly ruled by a Pharaoh which was ever a male figure. Besides. Egypt had built such a strong patriarchal society that they had given work forces authorization over public and private personal businesss.

The adult females had routinely performed the domestic work in upper elites and in affluent families. Mesopotamia. much like Egypt. besides had a patriarchal society where the work forces had authorization over both public and private personal businesss. Within their families the work forces decided the work that household members would execute and made matrimony agreements for their kids every bit good as any others who came under their authorization. Men besides ruled as male monarchs and made the determinations about policies and public personal businesss. The work forces even had power to sell their married womans and kids into bondage to fulfill their debts. Although adult females had made their influence felt in Mesopotamian society. Women sometimes advised male monarchs and their authoritiess. A few adult females wielded great power as high priestesses who managed the tremendous estates belonging to their temples. Women besides pursued callings as accoucheuses. tradesmans. beer makers. bakers. tavern keepers. fabric makers. and even as Scribes. Three differences between Mesopotamia and Egypt were that they had different faiths. societal constructions. and the importance of their innovations. They had different faiths because in Mesopotamia they had Hebrews. Israelites. and Jews. and Egypt had believed in more than one God such as Amon and Re.

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Their societal constructions were different because in Egypt they had a Pharaoh as a supreme cardinal swayer. a professional military force. and an luxuriant bureaucratism of decision makers and revenue enhancement aggregators. although in Mesopotamia they had a opinion category that consisted of male monarchs and Lords. and somewhat under them were priests and priestesses. The importance of their innovations differ because in Mesopotamia they had invented things such as the wheel. an easier manner of ship building. and had used Fe and bronze metallurgy. yet in Egypt they had besides used bronze and Fe metallurgy but in a different manner. so they had invented an easier signifier of transit and trade webs. Religion is a difference between Mesopotamia and Egypt because in Mesopotamia they had believed that nature liquors inhabited trees. stones. and mountains. for illustration. and they honored assorted divinities and frequenters or defenders of their kins. Moses. nevertheless embraced monotheism. He taught that there was merely one God. known as Yahweh. who was a supremely powerful divinity. the Godhead and upholder of the universe.

The Egyptians had believed that divinities played outstanding functions in the universe and that proper cultivation of the Gods was an of import community duty. The chief Gods that they had worshiped were Amon and Re. Amon was originally a local Theban divinity associated with the Sun. creative activity. birthrate. and generative forces. and Re was a sun God worshiped at Heliopolis. For a brief period the cult of Amon-Re faced a monotheistic challenge from the God Aten. another divinity associated with the Sun. but every bit shortly as the Pharaoh. Akhenaten. had died the priests mounted a ferocious countermove. reconstructing Amon-Re to favor position. and about annihilated the worship and even the memory of Aten. So even though Mesopotamia and Egypt have many similar traits. they besides have many differences that make these two major civilisations really alone. Religion. societal constructions. and the importance of their innovations were merely a few things dividing these two parts.


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