Metals, nonmetals and metalloids quiz

Elements that are normally in a gas form, that are dull, brittle, and poor conductors
The elements located to the left of the stairstep
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Metals, nonmetals and metalloids quiz
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Usually solid elements that are good conductors, malleable, tactile, and shiny
The elements located along the stairstep
Elements that can be lustrous or dull, malleable or brittle, and conduction varies
A row horizontal on the periodic table is called a
Which type of element is located to the right of the stairstepper
A column on the periodic table is called a
Boron and silicon are
The elements that share properties of both metals and nonmetals are called
When a substance has a higher Luster, high malleability ductility and a high conductivity, it is a
High luster, malleable, good conductor
A metal has to have three physical properties to be classified as a metal
They are found on the left side
Metals are found where on the periodic table
The majority of the periodic table is made up of
What group is on the stairstep or zigzag line of the periodic table
Silicon is a member of this group and exhibit properties of both metals and nonmetals
These elements occur in a variety of states and color
These elements have luster are malleable, ductile, and are good conductors of electricity
Metal and metalloids typically occur in which state
These elements are nonconductors, do not conduct heat or electricity
This element is in group one but it is not a metal
This term is used for a metal that is able to be drawn out into a thin wire
This is a term used for metal that is able to be hammered out or pressed
Luster, conductivity, malleability
What physical properties are used to classify elements as metals, nonmetals, or metalloids?
Poor conductor of electricity
The elements argon, krypton, and Zenon are all nonmetals. What property would these elements have in common?
Metals, metalloids, nonmetals
Which of the following correctly list the three main groups of elements from greatest conductivity to least conductivity?
The way a surface appears when it reflects light
The word luster refers to which property of matter
Malleable, conductor, shiny
These properties describe metals
Transfer thermal and electrical energy
Conductivity is a physical property of matter that describes its ability to

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