Metals, nonmetals, metalloids, elements, compounds

Term Definition
Dmitri Mendeleev Russian who put together the Periodic Table
Atoms Smallest unit of matter
Organic Compound Compounds that contain carbon
Periodic Table A table showing the elements arranged according to their atomic numbers
Inorganic Compound Compounds that do NOT contain carbon
Element A pure substance that cannot be separated into simpler substances by physical or chemical means
Compound A pure substance composed of two or more different elements that are chemically combined
Chemical Symbol A symbol which represents each element on the Periodic Table
Group The columns on the Periodic Table that arrange the elements by the number of electrons that are in their outer shell
Period The rows on the Periodic Table that classify elements by select characteristics
Metals Found to the left of the stair step line. Have luster, high thermal and electrical conductivity, high density, high melting point, malleable, ductile, most are solid at room temperature.
Nonmetals Found to the right of the stair step line. Dull (lack luster), poor conductor of heat and electricity, low density, low melting point, not malleable or ductile, gas or brittle solid at room temperature.
Metalloids Elements that touch the stair step line. Have characteristics of metals and nonmetals. Solids, can be dense, good thermal conductivity- but not the best.

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