Metamorphis, Relating To A Personal Incident Essay

Twenty minutes had past since I was set on to the table to dry. I did
not want to dwell upon my fears which were inevitable to occur, so I could
do nothing but observe all the minute details that were once so trivial
and overlooked but now seemed to be of such great importance. The first
thing to catch my eye was the lighting in the room, I was not sure if the
lights were set to be dim or if it was from all the clouds of exhaled smoke
which also left a distinct smell of the burnt herb. To my left I saw the
many burnt out roaches in the ash tray, which at this point could hold
nothing more. To the far right I saw a sandwich bag which was now packed
with nothing but broken branches and seeds. It was obvious what used to
be inside. I looked toward the door and saw the towel that plugged it so
no smoke would get out in the hall. On the dresser I saw what I think they
called a steam roller. The most horrid device that I had ever used. I looked
at the cylindrical tube, that once used to be a transparent red but now
had become a solid maroon from all the smoke which stained the plastic,
and noticed its simplicity. It looks like nothing more than a plastic pipe
that was only about one and a half inches in diameter and only about six
inches long. The bowl which rested on top could have been easily assembled
at a hardware store. It amazes me how something could be so simple but
still so destructive. One of the people in the room slowly approached me
as the effects of his artificial happiness wore away. His trembling hands
somehow managed to embrace me by my head and lay me to rest upon his lower
lip. Before his upper lip came to rest upon the top of my head I opened
my eyes and peered into his mouth using what little light I had. In all
my like I had never thought I would again see what I had saw for those
few seconds. His tongue was stained black. It was not totally black as
if it was coated with tar but it had a slight tint on both the sides, almost
purple. Just as I started to realize what I was seeing and what was going
on I felt his top lip seal my freedom away. I started to feel a strong
burning sensation at my bottom where my toes once were. When I heard the
sound of buds start to crack I knew what was occurring, the beginning of
my end. As I laded there helplessly I began to feel large amounts of smoke
pulse quickly up my shaft of a body till finally ejaculated in his mouth
like a penis reaching climax. Next the vacuum began. I started to become
faint as he forced more and more smoke out my upper opening. And I knew
the more smoke that ran through me meant the more I was decreasing in size.

Then the young boy could hold no more smoke in his lungs he pulled me away
from his lips and held me tight with his thumb underneath my head and his
forefinger and middle-finger embracing my top. Then he tilted his head
back and instead of forcing the smoke out he just let it flow by itself.

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It amazed me to see such beautiful shapes form from something that would
bring the end to this poor souls existence. He then brought me back to
his mouth and began to take my sweat poison deep into his exhausted lungs
at this point I was almost all gone. I had become a small roach with a
long tail of ash. I had one last long drag left in me. As he tool me in
I knew it was the end of both of us… As Cas and I rode up the elevator
I could see that he had been anticipating to come up here all week. Every
weekend it was the same old thing over and over again. Me and Cas would
come up to this filthy burnt out old city to do the same thing; to get
lifted. “Yo, Happy said he get mad amount of shit this week. His brother
went up to New York and broke off like two “O^?s” for
him. We goin^? to get crazy fucked up tonight.” I could see
in Cas^?s eyes that he had turned into a fiend just by the way he
was so excited to be here. I personally, came up to be with Cas and say
what^?s up to happy. I did not care much for getting mentally distorted
but would do it anyway. It did not make sense but that^?s the way
things were. All I could say to Cas^?s statement was, “Phat,
phat. It^?s going to be phat.” When we got to the door I could
smell the devils harsh scent. It put butterflies in my stomach but I ignored
them. I was the first to enter the room. I could hardly see through the
dense air. I counted the number of silhouettes I could see. I counted about
twelve. One of them started to move toward me. No doubt it was Happy. “Oh
shit, wussup!. I thought you guys would never get here. Yo, we is crazy
fucked up. We puffed like half a “P.” Joe^?s boys from
North Phili rolled up with a pound a herb! Yo, come on, there^?s
like half an “O” waitin^? for you on the table man. Yo,
I got that that steam roller shit you was Tallinn^? about. That
shit was the bomb! Damn it fucked me up! I took like two hits and I was
fucked. Yo, the emergency blunts are on the dresser, help yourself!”
I ignored Happy^?s garbage talk and nodded my head and gave him
a pound with my hand. It was obvious from his bloodshot eyes and non-stop
mumbling that he had been smoking all day. Before I could take another
step Cas almost knocked me down as he moved quickly toward the table where
the “O” was. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!. I^?ve been waiting
all week for this!. You comin^?? It^?s just me and you. We
goin^? to get our shit on tonight.” I did nothing but nod my
head and follow Cas to the table. Cas being the one to try anything new
went straight for the steamroller that rested on the far end of the table.

He grabbed the sandwich bag and pulled out a whole branch. He then proceeded
to break up the buds till he had a large pile in the middle of the table.

He began to tightly pack the open valve with the devil^?s herb.

“Get ready to be toasted kid.”, Cas said right before he put
the pipe to his mouth. Those were the last sensible words I heard from
him that night. Cas then passed it to me. At first I hesitated but proceeded
anyway. I put the front opening into my mouth and covered the back one
with my right hand. With my left hand a picked up the lighter and approached
the valve opening. I sparked the flint and went to work. I moved the flame
around the edges of the valve getting the outside leaves first. At the
same time I began inhaling very hard. I started to taste the foul smoke
force its way down my throat. I looked into the cylinder and saw that a
thick cloud had formed. Just when I could hold no more within my lungs
I took my right hand off the back opening and one big suck. What that did
was take the air on the outside and use that to force all the smoke on
the inside into my lungs. I pulled the steamroller away and clenched my
lips closed. My stomach felt like it had a whole colony of ants moving
about inside. It was a sickening feeling but I still held it inside, I
had to be strong. About five seconds had passed and I knew it was time
to exhale. I tilted my head back and let the smoke rise on its own. That
was the only part I truly enjoyed, seeing the smoke. My eyes began to tear
and I needed a place more comfortable to sit. I proceeded toward the couch.

As soon as I made it to the couch I rested my head back and closed my eyes.

Twenty minutes had passed since I had sat down and I had not felt anything.

Could I be immune to the effect? That would be great. I could smoke twice
as much as Cas and Happy and not feel a thing. I looked around the room
and saw that everyone was jumping about crazy. I looked at the table and
saw something unusual. It was a blunt. How did that get there? Nobody in
the room could roll one that fat. I walked to the table and sat in the
large chair at the head of the table. I stared in disgust at the empty
sandwich bag which held nothing but branches and seeds inside. That had
told me that Cas had returned here quite often. I picked up the blunt with
only three of my fingers and immediately sparked it up. I had never smoked
a blunt that fast in my life. But it is all right I thought to myself,
I am immune. Boy was I wrong. The effects of the THC immediately went to
my brain. Before my movement became stunted I ran back to the couch that
I wanted to reside on for the rest of the night. Once I hit the sofa I
felt it begin. I hated this feeling. Every nerve in my body began to pulse
and throb. It was unbearable. My skin had become so sensitive I could feel
every fiber in my shirt. My brain felt the worst of all. I could have sworn
upon my mothers grave that I could actually feel my brain begin to bleed
onto my spinal cord. It was thought I could truly not bare to imagine.

There was no point in anyone talking to me because I could no longer hear
in normal sounds. All I could hear were sounds that resembled radio vibrations.

But tonight I started to feel new horrors. I knew it was to late. All I
could do is wait it out. My body started to become extremely stiff. My
legs joined together and formed a point on the bottom. My arms went quickly
to my now completely straightened body. Then I started to notice a change
in my color. I appeared to be getting darker and darker as time surpassed.

It began to frighten me. The worst part was now starting to occur. I could
literally feel my insides start to change. It almost felt as if they were
changing into the herb I had just introduced into my body. I knew I was
coming to my end for now I was beginning to black out. I looked around
for help but everyone was to burnt to notice or even care. My head became
still and it forced me to stare at the window atop the ceiling. I tried
to speak to ask for help but all I could do for my last five seconds was
stare at my purple tinted tongue in the reflection of the dark stained


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