Method of business research Essay


The method of concern research depends on the job that is needed to be solved. The graph from the book of William Zikmund ( see appendix 1 ) depicts the strategy of concern research including definition of the research inquiry, find of direction quandary, research proposal, informations aggregation and research coverage.

Therefore, to get down the research it is necessary to specify the job.

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Method of business research Essay
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Fashion Belly Dance Company is one of the taking manufacturers of Belly dance costumes and accoutrements worldwide. The production of the costumes is located in Turkey, headquarter of the company is in London. The company sells the costumes through its personal web site and through eBay.

Fashion Belly Dance Company is a in private held organisation owned by its laminitis, Mrs. Vanga Cansu, which runs the concern from her place office. The company does non utilize child labour and unjust distribution of the profit.A The company guarantees good working conditions to all its employees.

Due to recent fiscal crisis all over the universe and economical downswing the company found itself on the border of bankruptcy. Reorganization of the company is the effort to alter the tendency and to do budget profitable after two old ages of losingss.

The organisational construction and civilization

“Organizational civilization creates a figure of assorted constructs, schemes, and state of affairss which affect every degree of be aftering when it comes to any type of hierarchal establishment. The deductions of organisational construction and civilization apply to companies, corporations, charitable organisations, authoritiess, and even athleticss teams/organizations.”

The construction of Fashion Belly Dance could be described as centralised power culture.A The cardinal figure of the group is Mrs. Vanga Cansu, the concern proprietor. Her personal influence spreads all over the company. This manner of leading is called “autocratic” or “authoritarian.” As every leading manner, this one has its ain pros and contras.A Professor Harrison in his talk “Typologies of Organizational Culture: highlighted the undermentioned characteristics of this construction:


Such administrations can be strong, proud and dynamic, react rapidly to external demands.

However power civilizations may endure from staff alienation. Peoples in the in-between beds may experience they have deficient range. The interventionist force per unit area and changeless demand to mention to center may make dysfunctional competition and jostle for the support of the foreman

The administration is dependent on the ability and opinion of the cardinal power – if weak so the administration will fight. As the power administration grows, the middle-of-the-road civilization interruptions down if it becomes impossible for the Centre to maintain up its interventionist, co-ordinating function. The big administration may necessitate to divisionalise ( make other spiders webs linked to the cardinal web ) . “

Persons win every bit long as they are power oriented, politically minded, , hazard taking with a low demand for security. The power of members is based on control over resources and personal influence with the Centre.

To be healthy for the long term, a corporation must hold strong leading and a strong organisational civilization. Even though some of the strongest companies or organisations may be able to step H2O for a long period of clip, or even do good, if the civilization starts to gnaw, it ‘s merely a affair of clip until the larger construction prostrations.

Plan of the hereafter activities

The primary mark group is the people who have a passion for all things linked to belly dancing. Belly terpsichoreans can hold one or more costumes for dancing and different accoutrements

a3.5 million adult females who are pregnant each twelvemonth. These adult female frequently buy maternity apparels for themselves during their gestation.

The secondary mark market is the over 25,000,000 people who shop for and purchase collegial vesture each twelvemonth. By being made cognizant that collegiate pregnancy wear exists, they are able to buy points as gifts for person they know who is pregnant.

As an online shop, we will concentrate on the parts of these market sections which are comfy shopping online.

4.1 Market Segmentation

The two groups of people who would purchase pregnancy apparels are pregnant adult female, and those who would shop for a pregnant adult female, possibly a hubby or a household member. Based on these sections, our jutting gross revenues prognosis is cautiously set at less so 1 % of the entire possible market, as highlighted in the undermentioned tabular array and chart.

Market Analysis

4.2 Industry Analysis

Fashion Belly Dance Company will be in a little section of the vesture industry called Maternity Wear. Today the U.S. pregnancy wear industry generates gross revenues of over $ 200 million and is comprised of over 2,000 retail shops and more than 500 web sites that offer pregnancy vesture.

Pregnant adult females: There are over 3.5 million adult females who are anticipating each twelvemonth. The pregnancy retail concern has come a long manner from offering Dowding, loose-fitting manner pregnancy apparels to those that help adult females observe their manner and expression great even as their organic structure alterations. Apparels offered for pregnant adult females in the market now include hip and fashionable pregnancy vesture, athletic wear and corporate apparels. After all, as pregnant adult females ‘s waist lines balloon, their lives and callings go on as usual.A Women, for illustration, who are used to go toing the sporting events for their favourite squad would still desire to demo their support by have oning a merriment and comfy logo shirt. These adult females will be targeted through electronic mail runs, on-line advertisement and direct selling

Shoppers for Pregnant Womans: A It is unknown how many people shop for person they know that is anticipating ; nevertheless due to specific collegial nature of our merchandises, we will aim those who are already shopping for collegiate wear to do them cognizant of our merchandises and make gift thoughts for the anticipant adult females in their lives. We will utilize on-line advertisement on bing collegiate sites to bring forth consciousness and drive site traffic.

4.2.1 Competition and Buying Patterns

In this industry, clients choose their vesture based on personal penchant. They frequently like to happen points that represent their pre-pregnancy closet so they can go on to maintain their ain manner. By marketing our merchandises to pregnant adult females, many are certain to link with something every bit personal as their favourite athleticss squad. It is a forte point that will do them experience good to have on.

By positioning in the market as a forte shop, we are confident that word of oral cavity will assist to make merchandise consciousness. Our market research shows that pregnant adult females today attend featuring events and frequently have to fall back to purchasing work forces ‘s big shirts or other make-shift vesture points. Pregnant adult females have oning our shirts in populace will bring forth involvement and lead to extra gross revenues.

4.2.2 Main Rivals

While there are several big pregnancy retail merchants such as Motherhood and Pea in the Pod, they all carry a mainstream line of apparels that are appealing to the multitudes. Due to their mass distribution theoretical account, it would non be prudent for them to transport little sums of regional forte points, such as collegiate shirts, at each shop. Online retail merchants besides carry a broad assortment of pregnancy apparels, but really few carry collegiate pregnancy wear. Those that do offer really small assortment in school representation. There is a demand for a forte web shop geared for this type of dress.

Scheme and Implementation Summary

Our selling scheme is to make merchandise consciousness among anticipating adult females and their households by strategically puting Internet ads, utilizing direct mail tactics sold and bring forthing PR. We offer a alone merchandise that we feel confident anticipating adult females will happen merriment to have on during their gestation. It will be a novelty point that will let them to remain connected to their involvement in their collegiate squad both at games and around town.

The possibilities of future development

5.1 Competitive Edge

The competitory border offered by Fashion Belly Dance Company is our alone merchandise. Currently, no major pregnancy retail merchant and few online shops offer collegial pregnancy jerseies. We will place ourselves as a forte online shop catering to anticipating mas who want to keep their support of their favourite squad through their gestation. Because of our niche, we can efficaciously take targeted beginnings to market our merchandise to our clients.

Our primary failing is that we are a new concern and we offer a new merchandise. To bring forth gross revenues, we must first make consciousness that our merchandise exists, and do it easy for possible clients to turn up our online shop. By offering a fun merchandise that many anticipating adult females would wish to hold, we feel we an rapidly set up our presence in the pregnancy wear industry.

5.2 Selling Scheme

Fashion Belly Dance Company ‘s selling scheme is important to the success of our concern. We must make consciousness of our merchandise to our primary mark market, as our merchandises are of small usage to anyone outside of this group. We will make this by:

A A A * Using the brand-name power of eBay and its popularity to set up credibleness and increase consciousness of our merchandises

A A A * Strategically-placed ads on web sites that are often visited by anticipating mas, such as,, and

A A A * Placed ads on collegiate sites such as and

A A A * Adding our merchandises to other sites as an affiliate supplier

A A A * Direct mail and e-mail advertisement to expectant female parents

A A A * New merchandise PR in publications for anticipant female parents

5.3 Gross saless Scheme

Gross saless are dependent upon making consciousness of collegiate pregnancy wear within our mark markets, and hence the gross revenues scheme for Fashion Belly Dance Company is based on driving concern to our web site and our eBay shop. Because we are a new merchandise line, we understand that we will hold to bring forth exhilaration about our dress in order to bring forth concern. We will strategically put pop-up and streamer ads on web sites relevant to both anticipating female parents and athleticss fans, we will utilize direct mail and electronic mail lists, and we will seek public dealingss coverage in relevant media beginnings.

Carry throughing orders

Fashion Belly Dance Company will carry through orders from our eBay shop and subsequently, our ain web site. All payments will be processed through PayPal in the first twelvemonth, although we will measure the option to make Fax orders if client demand it.

A A A A E-orders: A Customer can buy on-line 24-hours a twenty-four hours, seven yearss a hebdomad.

A A A A Fax orders: Customers can facsimile in an order 24-hours a twenty-four hours, seven yearss a hebdomad if we implement this.

As the company grows, we will go forth the option unfastened to utilizing a fulfilment centre to take orders via the telephone.

5.4 Gross saless Forecast

The gross revenues prognosis for FY 2006 takes into history slower gross revenues at the beginning as we create consciousness of our merchandise and web site. Initially we will be selling one manner of jersey, but will offer it with the Son of up to 132 different Division 1 universities. As the company grows, we will research the demand for other types of collegiate pregnancy wear such as armored combat vehicle tops, sweatshirts and long-sleeved shirts. In the first three months, we will sell entirely through eBay. Although this adds to direct costs ( approximately $ 1 per shirt ) because of eBay fees, we will salvage money on both marketing/advertising costs and website care by keeping off on to the full developing our ain site until we can see what points clients prefer. We anticipate that even after enabling gross revenues on our web site, eBay gross revenues volume will go on to be higher.

The following table illustrates unit gross revenues of 36,500 jerseies for the first twelvemonth. This would necessitate us to sell to less than 1 % of our primary mark market.

The Monthly Gross saless Chart that follows indicates that we have some seasonality in our concern. We expect gross revenues to increase during the Fall, which is when football season occurs and when gross revenues for collegial goods are the highest.

Note that the direct costs shown in the Gross saless Forecast table represent merely the direct stock list costs for jerseies. There are other, non-inventory direct costs, including eBay fees and PayPal fees ; these can be found in the jutting Net income and Loss.

Real troubles and mileposts

The followers are the cardinal mileposts for the first twelvemonth of operations:

A A 1. Completion of strategic concern program by April 1

A A 2. Obtain all NCAA licensing by May 1

A A 3. Negociate t-shirt costs with provider and with screen pressman by May 30

A A 4. Have first cargo of merchandises delivered in house for fulfilment by July 1

A A 5. Have particulars for our advertisement program in topographic point by June 1

Developmental chances

Web Plan Summary

The undermentioned sub-topics outline our programs to make and keep our web site. At first, we will hold a simple text and image-based web site which outlines our merchandises and redirects clients to our eBay shop. After the first three months, we will get down on-line telling via our ain web site as good.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Our web site will supply information about us and our merchandises every bit good as order processing to buy our merchandises online. We will include our web reference in all of our advertisement to reenforce to our clients how to happen us online. Our company logo and slogan will besides necessitate to be oculus catching and easy to retrieve so that one time our clients find us, they will retrieve us and propose us to their friends and household.

6.2 Development Requirements

Initial Development

We will be working with an outside contractor to plan the layout of the site. Initially, our site will supply an overview of the company, depict our merchandises and services, and redirect visitants to our eBay shop to buy a shirt. The estimated costs for initial web site development are listed in our start-up costs.

Some of the characteristics included on the web site will be the ability to seek for Son by school name every bit good as by “ squad name ” ( such as the University of Alabama “ Crimson Tide, ” the UCLA “ Bruins ” and the University of Oregon “ Ducks ” ) . Good-quality images of our merchandises and the Son on the merchandises will be available, so the client can see what they will be acquiring.

Full web site ( including online telling )

In the 3rd month of the program, when we have a better sense of client penchants, we will complete the development of the site to include on-line order processing ( via PayPal ) . Get downing in November ( heavy football season ) clients will hold the pick of purchasing either straight from our web site, or via our eBay shop. Additional security maps are required for making PayPal gross revenues on our ain web site. Expenses for this farther web site development are listed in the Net income and loss tabular array.

The order processing will include the ability to supply both a charge and an optional transportation reference and will be able to treat recognition cards every bit good as payment by cheque ( utilizing PayPal ) .

Once the web site design is complete, we will contract for ongoing care and support of the site. These monthly cost estimations are listed in the disbursals subdivision of the Net income and Loss tabular array.

nitially the lone employee will be Mary Lenton, the company laminitis. She will supervise merchandise development, the online shop and selling attempts. Outsourcing will be used on some initial undertakings, specifically the web site shop design.

7.1 Forces Plan

As the company launch day of the month attacks, one part-time ( 30 hours/week ) employee will be hired to assist with fulfilment with a 2nd parttime employee scheduled for the 3rd month, come ining into the highest possible merchandising clip frame, football season. As the company grows, more forces will be added as needed. If projections for October through December are right, impermanent seasonal aid will necessitate to be hired to help in carry throughing the order processing.

Part-time staff will be responsible for treating all Internet and Fax orders, PayPal payments received, and will manage all transportation maps.

Subcontractors will be used to assist with website design and selling, and these subcontractor costs can be found in the Net income and Loss tabular arraies Expenses subdivision.

Forces Plan

A A A A A A A A A A A A A Year 1 A A A A A A A A A A A A A Year 2 A A A A A A A A A A A A A Year 3

Owner A A A A A A A A A A A A A $ 36,000 A A A A A A A A A A A A A $ 40,000 A A A A A A A A A A A A A $ 45,000

Fulfillment Representative 1 A A A A A A A A A A A A A $ 12,000 A A A A A A A A A A A A A $ 23,000 A A A A A A A A A A A A A $ 25,000

Fulfillment Representative 2 A A A A A A A A A A A A A $ 10,000 A A A A A A A A A A A A A $ 23,000 A A A A A A A A A A A A A $ 25,000

Entire People A A A A A A A A A A A A A 3 A A A A A A A A A A A A A 3 A A A A A A A A A A A A A 3

Entire Payroll A A A A A A A A A A A A A $ 58,000 A A A A A A A A A A A A A $ 86,000 A A A A A A A A A A A A A $ 95,000

Fashion Belly Dance Company undertakings the gross border to be at about 65 % per centum. Gross saless projections for Year 1 are over $ 1,000,000. A monthly dislocation of the cash-flow analysis, balance sheet, concern ratio, break-even analysis, and other fiscal inside informations are shown in the appendix. Annual projections will be highlighted in the undermentioned sub-topics.

8.1 Start-up Support

The company proprietor, Mary Lenton, will utilize personal financess to finance the start of this concern. Since a place office is already established and there is a big country in the cellar available for stock list storage, the primary start-up costs are associated with website shop design, get downing stock list, and licencing blessing.

We must track our eBay and PayPal fees to do certain they are projected suitably in the Other Cost of Goods subdivision in the Net income and Loss statement. As we gain experience with what the mean cost is for Item Fees, Final Value Fees, and PayPal fees, we may necessitate to alter the Net income and Loss tabular array to reflect the correct cost. At this point we have placed high estimations to do certain that we are realistic about the cost of making concern on eBay.

The fees are based on the followers:

eBay fees ( merely use to eBay shop gross revenues ) :

Insertion fee of $ .35 per point, plus Final Fee at 5.25 % of entire sale monetary value on each sale

PayPal fees ( use to all gross revenues ) :

First two months: Standard rate of $ 0.30 per sale, plus 2.9 % of entire sale monetary value on each sale

Afterwards: Merchant rate of $ 0.30 per sale, plus 2.5 % of entire sale monetary value on each sale*

These fees are really conservative, presuming that each unit sale is one complete sale. It is likely that at least 1/5 of our gross revenues in the heavy gross revenues months will be for multiple shirts, since pregnant twosomes frequently know other pregnant twosomes and purchase each other gifts.

We will besides be passing marketing dollars to advance our merchandises with eBay ‘s publicity tools. We want to do certain that we have adequate money to purchase some hunt arrangements every bit good as purchasing “ bolded ” listings in the eBay hunt consequences. As we sell more points we will set the selling disbursals either lower or higher — depending on what is working for us.

Obtaining the lower merchandiser rate requires measure uping, both in footings of history in good standing and dollar sum of gross revenues in old month. Based on our research, we do n’t anticipate any jobs run intoing either of those ends early in our program.


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