Methodology – Research Study Sample Essay

Methodology is the portion of a research proposal in which the methods to be used are described. The research design. the population to be studied. and the research instruments or tools to be used are discussed here.

Research Design
In this survey qualitative attack was followed. A qualitative research design is a research method used extensively by scientists and research workers analyzing human behavior and wonts. Qualitative methods are frequently closely allied with interviews. study design techniques and single instance surveies. as a manner to reenforce and measure findings over a broader graduated table ( Shuttleworth. 2008 ) . A instance and field research design is used. It is besides called ethnographic research. It uses direct observation to give a complete snapshot of a instance that is being studied. It is utile when non much is known about a phenomenon. It uses few topics. Respondents of the Study

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Methodology – Research Study Sample Essay
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The respondents of the survey were seven ( 7 ) adult females that were strategically and purposively chosen based on referral made by the Kadughan Foundation in Bacolod. The scope of the age is from 20-50. But we besides included those under 20 old ages old and those above 50 old ages old. They were contacted for farther geographic expedition in narrative-inspired interviews after undergoing mastectomy. Sampling Design

The survey utilized non-probability sampling because the study’s respondents need non-estimation of the chance that would be included in the sample. Distinctively. the survey used purposive sampling to place topics since our topics are difficult to turn up. The research workers gathered the information from Bacolod Kadughan Foundation in Bacolod City. Research Instrument

Structured interviews and deep interaction with the topics were utilized to derive the needed information and information regarding this survey. These schemes were based on a research paradigm. This depth interviews were conducted 1 to 2 times with each participant and explored these women’s experiences related to doing determinations about the surgery. undergoing. and retrieving from mastectomy process. Such schemes will enable the research workers find how these group of adult females survived and perceived their experience of undergoing mastectomy. Cogency

Validity. in qualitative research. refers to whether the findings of a survey are true and certain. “True” in the sense that research findings accurately reflect the state of affairs. and “certain” in the sense that research findings are supported by the grounds. Triangulation is a method used by qualitative research workers to look into and set up cogency in their surveies by analysing a research inquiry from multiple positions. Patton ( 2002 ) cautiousnesss that it is a common misconception that the end of triangulation is to get at consistence across informations beginnings or attacks ; in fact. such incompatibilities may be probably given the comparative strengths of different attacks. In Patton’s position. these incompatibilities should non be seen as weakening the grounds. but should be viewed as an chance to bring out deeper significance in the information. In this survey. informations triangulation is used. This type of triangulation involves utilizing different beginnings of information in order to increase the cogency of a survey. It is possibly the most popular because it is the easiest type to implement. Dependability

A historical dependability is observed in this survey. Diachronic dependability is understood as the stableness of measurings or observations in their temporal class. It is conventionally demonstrated by similarity of measurings or findings taken at different times ( Kirk & A ; Miller. 1986 ) . A hebdomad interval was observed in carry oning the interviews. On the 2nd interview. the research workers asked one of their household members or any individual who is really with them about all the clip and that who does truly cognize them genuinely. The researchers’ purpose is to turn out if the respondent’s replies are surely accurate. Data assemblage and process

A qualitative research design. guided by the doctrine of phenomenology. was selected to steer the survey. Deep Interaction and utilizing semi-structured interviews with the participants were the tools used in informations aggregation. These schemes were chosen because they were congruent with the philosophical model of the research paradigm and methodological analysis. and enabled entree to participants’ experiences.


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