Methods of Evangelism Essay

Of the two evangelistic rational methods. I have chosen to research the “Four Spiritual Laws. ” Bill Bright wrote. “Just as there are physical Torahs that govern how the physical existence. so are at that place religious Torahs that govern your relationship with God. This method is most used in showing the Gospel to person because it is simpler. Bill Bright. the laminitis of Campus Crusade for Christ. originally wrote this as a brochure. This brochure was designed to assist persons to be more effective in their informant for Jesus. The Four Spiritual Laws are used to convict. convince. and convert. The Laws are as followed: Law 1: God loves you and offers a fantastic program for your life. [ John 3:16 ] Law 2: Man is iniquitous and separated from God. [ Roman 3:23 ]

Law 3: Jesus Christ is God’s merely proviso for man’s wickedness. Through Him. you can cognize and see God’s love and program for your life. [ Roman 5:8 ] Law 4: We must separately have Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord ; so we can cognize and see God’s love and program for our lives. [ John 1:12 ] Harmonizing to my research the advantages of utilizing the Four Spiritual Laws attack are. they enable one to be prepared because it is [ so simple ] and represents the basic truths of the Gospel of Jesus. This method allows you to open up an easy conversation the right manner. For illustration. “I have been a Christian for old ages. and I have merely late found a manner to show my religion that truly makes sense. I would wish to portion it with you. Have you heard of the Four Spiritual Laws? ” At the same clip. the most apprehensible manner to explicate the Laws is to read the brochure aloud. It gives one the assurance of already cognizing what to state because it clearly presents the claims of Jesus Christ. Above all. this is indispensable to go through on to a non-believer ( 2 Timothy 2:2 ) .

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Furthermore. in utilizing this method you can explicate all the fantastic things that are waiting for you when you receive Jesus as your Lord. Declaring what the Bibles says. “If you declare with your oral cavity. “Jesus is Lord. ” and believe in your bosom that God raised him from the dead. you will be saved. For it is with your bosom that you will believe and are justified. and it is with your oral cavity that you profess your religion and are saved ( Romans 10: 9-10 ) . Afterwards. you can promote an person to inquire inquiries. Alternatively. there are a twosome of disadvantages to utilizing the Four Spiritual Laws. Even though. this method has been efficaciously used. it can be slightly confounding to the individual whom did non turn up in a Christian civilization. An illustration would be. “telling person God has an unbelievable program for their life. ”

This may finally sound as if you merely have to believe in Jesus. and all your jobs will be gone. However. the Bible ne’er promises life will be fantastic. It says. “Indeed. all who desire to populate Godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” ( 2 Timothy 3:12 ) . In other words. even though the Laws explains that you can hold an unbelievable life if you accept Jesus and believe that he died on the cross for you ; this is a point that [ can non ] be over uttered. but can be reiterated by citing John 10:10. Another disadvantage in utilizing this method is it does non specify wickedness. In first John. it says that wickedness is lawlessness. ( i. e. Breaking God’s jurisprudence ) .

While the Four Spiritual Laws does explained wickedness as being separated from God. it does non explicate [ what ] separates us from God. which in world is our noncompliance of God. Because of our quickly altering universe you can non automatically presume that everyone understands what wickedness is. So. when utilizing the Four Spiritual Laws. it is indispensable to explicate wickedness. Non-believers need to understand that the word wickedness means interrupting God’s Torahs. Ultimately. this would give the truster a opportunity to present the Ten Commandments. further doing them understand the demand for a Jesus.

Part TWO- Evangelistic Method # 2

Of the Relational Methods. I have chosen to research “Lifestyle Evangelism. ” In drumhead. this method is basically demonstrating 1s faith by their actions. It is the most effectual manner of winning psyche. This method should be used on people. whom one interact with the most. people who know person and see them on a regular footing. Lifestyle evangelism creates a nurturing environment to widen an invitation to Christ. This means an disbeliever will experience a sense of belonging before going a truster. Research has shown that a non-believer would be probably to give a truster the chance to portion their religion. when the believer’s life has proven that their words are sincere. and life neutering. In this manner. the non-believer would experience a sense of worth before they expose themselves to the Inspired Word. There are some advantages to utilizing the Lifestyle Relational method.

In peculiar. the Father sent Jesus to be the absolute visible radiation. to be an illustration. and show how people of God should populate. We should be populating cogent evidence that Our Father is who he says he is ; that Christ truly is the Son who freed people from bondage to self ; and that the Holy Spirit candidly can transform our life. This is genuinely an advantage avowal. This illustration of demoing is non a replacement for stating. If words were all we used to explicate the Gospel. so people would ne’er understand it plenty to subject to Jesus. However. demoing a individual is a necessary readying for stating. Peoples will ever purchase into your words when your actions back them up. We must populate a life that shows Jesus Christ. Christ told His adherents. “Let your light radiance before work forces that they may see your good workss and praise your Father in heaven” ( Matt. 5:16 ) . This means the manner we handle concern. the manner we play games. the manner we prepare for trials. the manner we interact with household.

Every thing we do should let Christ to reflect daily in our lives. Another advantage of utilizing the Lifestyle Relational method would be that it is the most profitable and productive method. It non merely produces but allows one to be converted. every bit good as go a adherent. which is what Jesus calls us to make ( Matt. 28:19 ) . In today’s civilization. when it comes to the truth of the Scriptures. people want to see it validated and lived out in another before they will accept it as the valid truth. Inasmuch as. there are advantages to this method there are disadvantages. every bit good. One primary disadvantage to this attack is that it can be an easy alibi for Believers.

Consequently. alternatively of sharply and diligently pursing evangelistic chances. Believers may convert themselves that if they merely lead honest lives. are unfastened and friendly in sharing their religion. God will take attention of the remainder. The truth is to be an effectual revivalist ; you have to be more aggressive in your choice of friends ; every bit good as placing non-believers with whom you relate to comfortably and who you enjoy being about. Another disadvantage to this method of evangelism is that ; it is the most customary attack used among revivalists ; it is particularly cosmopolitan among those who portion their religion the [ least ] and who are less likely to [ know ] of anyone accepting Jesus through these attempts. Last. this method is one that is discredited by the Scriptures.

Part THREE- Evangelistic Method # 3

The “Confrontational” evangelistic method I have chosen to research is the Door to Door Evangelism. In drumhead. this method began with D. James Kennedy in 1960. After prophesying at the Coral Ridge Church in Fort Lauderdale. FL ; James Kennedy realized that he was afraid to face disbelievers with the truth of the Gospel. Surprisingly. being invited to Decatur. GA to carry on a Gospel run. he was introduced to showing the Gospel door to door. After he had returned to the church in Florida. he implemented the rules he had learned. and called them the “Evangelism Explosion. ” The primary intent of Door to Door evangelism is to construct relational Bridgess between the community and the local church. The Bible shows us how the Lord used this method efficaciously during the history of the church. from the clip of the early church until today. Door to Door work is portion of the church’s ‘Level One Sowing’ scheme. It is traveling to the people alternatively of waiting for them to come to the church. Furthermore. this method of evangelism is one of the few ways that ascertains each family can be reached with the Gospel. With this in head. there are some advantages to utilizing this method of evangelism.

For illustration. about anyone can make this technique of outreach ; because there are no rare or exceeding accomplishments required. Another cardinal advantage ; like all outreach it conveys that the church is interested plenty to travel out to the people. It besides opens up valuable contacts for far more than ordinary evangelism. Last. it is a reasonably inexpensive agencies of outreach. and easy to form. However. this method of evangelism is non without its disadvantages and critics. Since 1973. research has shown and labeled this method to be outdated. old fashioned and uneffective in today’s society. Consequently. when making door to door work it should be done in squads ; and ever done in squads when ladies are involved. However. this presents a job because edifice assorted sex squads are non ever easy to form. Another disadvantage is that some signifiers of this method are non suited for the younger coevals. Last. it is difficult to actuate people to make this signifier of evangelism.

In kernel. once they begin. many persons find it gratifying and much easier than expected. Separate FOUR – Application of These Methods to Your Own Life The method that I have chosen that suits me best is Lifestyle Evangelism. I chose this 1 because when Jesus said. He did non come to “to be served. but to function. and to give His life. ” He was non merely explicating His mission ; He was demoing us how to populate ( Matt. 20:28 ) . For me. populating a life that is Holy and acceptable in God’s eyes is the best manner to demo others how much work He has done in me. for me and through me. This method works best for me because. when I walk the walk. I can speak the talk because it shows. This allows me to present Jesus to many of the people around me. from the food market shop to the auto wash. Even when I am non actively evangelising I am because of my life style.

I may non ever see the function I play in different people lives. but harmonizing to our text provinces we should invariably works the seeds of Gospel. There are some whom will works and others will H2O. This function of evangelism is comfy for me. It allows me to near non-believers with assurance. to portion my testimony. Bing an revivalist for Jesus has become cool. and why non? Personally. it feels unbelievable to take good over evil. Populating an acceptable life for Christ. is leting God to determine my character into the similitude of Him. Evangelizing should non be something we do every now and once more. but it should be the manner we are call to populate. My attitude should be the same as Jesus.

Apostle Paul said it like this. “In your relationships with one another. have the same mentality as Christ Jesus: Who. being in really nature of God. did non see equality with God something to be used to his ain advantage. instead he made himself nil by taking the really nature of a retainer. being made in human similitude ( Philip. 2:5-7 ) . While composing this paper. I received a compliment from a alien. I thought it was the best compliment I have of all time received. It was. “Miss. are you a Pastor or Evangelist. I ask because you have an [ anointed ] air about you. ” I was taken back. and when I thought about it. cryings fell. This is my day-to-day supplication that I would diminish. and God would increase in me.


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