Metropolitan Museum of Art

Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art at New York City

Last hebdomad I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art at New York City. This museum, besides known as The Met is a immense edifice with 19 sections and about two billion art pieces stored and displayed in its art galleries. The chief art gallery of the museum, i.e. The Met is one of the largest galleries of the universe

There are several classs of art plants displayed in different parts of the museum. The chief classs and aggregations of the art works displayed at the museum are American art, Ancient Near Eastern art, American decorative humanistic disciplines, Asiatic art, Egyptian art, Greek and Roman art, African art, South American art, art related to weaponries and armoury, European art, Islamic art and spiritual aggregations. The art works include assorted signifiers, though pictures and sculpture are the chief signifiers. Collections consisting arms and armoury, musical instruments, costumes and edifice insides are some other of import art signifiers at show in the museum.

Visit to museums has ever been a pleasant experience for me. Museums unfastened doors to a universe of phantasy. By come ining the doors of a good museum, it is possible to shut off the doors of head to the rough worlds of the existent universe for a piece. Visit to a museum is kindred to sing a fairy land. It is a fantastic and reviewing experience to see the relics of past from such close propinquity. I have peculiarly been interested in pictures. A picture is nil less than an embodiment of the imaginativeness of the painter. The mode in which an creative person brings the exanimate canvas to life by utilizing shots of his or her coppice is astonishing. It is a life created by the creative person utilizing nil more than few everyday objects like a coppice, colourss, oil or H2O and a canvas. Religious art plants have ever intrigued me a batch due to my involvement in comparative survey of faiths and the aggregation at the Met was a dainty for my eyes.

I had a opportunity to detect many beautiful and magnetizing graphicss at the museum but at the minute I will discourse the undermentioned three graphicss, since the memories of these graphicss are still fresh in my head due to the strong impact made by them:

* Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints

* Stoclet Madonna

* Temple of Dendur

Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints were done by Italian painter named Raphael. Raphael belonged to the High Renaissance epoch of art. This signifier of art was patronized by Pope Julius II and Italy was the focal point of this epoch and Michelangelo, Leonardo de Vinci and Raphael were the outstanding creative persons This is a conservative piece of art and it was painted by Raphael when he was about 20 one old ages old. This picture as the name depicts, shows Saint John, Saint Peter and Saint Paul with Madonna and the kid. Raphael had painted this work for the convent of Sant’Antonio which was held at Perugia. On the desires of the nuns, Raphael painted this work in a really conservative mode and the painted shows Saint John and the Christ to the full clothes in this work. Sing that it was an early work, this work has a strong influence of Raphael ‘s instructor Perugino. A important characteristic of this piece of art is the fact that there is merely one panel of any reredos created by Raphael in the United States and apart from this work there is no other similar graphics by Raphael in any American museum.. This art piece was completed in twelvemonth 1504 and oil and gold have been used as medium on a wooden base.

The 2nd piece of art is besides about Madonna and child Christ. It is a picture every bit good. This piece portions another commonalty with Raphael ‘s piece in footings that it has besides been painted by an Italian creative person. This piece was painted by Duccio di Buoninsegna in the medieval epoch. The medium used by Duccio for this picture is tempera and gold on a base of wood. This picture was bought by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a cost of around 40 five million US dollars and it is reportedly the costliest purchase of this museum. Surviving plants of Duccio are really rare and this is the ground for the high value of this picture. This picture is known as Stoclet Madonna due to the fact that the name of the household which in private owned this paiting before its acquisition by the museum was Stoclet. The twelvemonth of completion of this picture is around 1300 A.D and portrays the child Christ and the Virgin Mary merely. Significant characteristic noted in this picture was the simplistic portraiture of the kid and the female parent and usage of rounded signifiers.

The 3rd graphics which I want to compose approximately in this narration is non a picture but a temple. This temple was gifted by the authorities of the Republic of Egypt to United States in 1978. The original location of this temple was around Aswan dike on the river Nile. This temple was endangered by submergence due to building of the dike and hence it was dismantled from its original location to salvage. In the fifteenth century BC, Egypt was ruled by a Roman governor named Petronius. This temple was built by Petronius in dedication to ancient Egyptian goddess Isis and her brother Osiris. Emperor Augustus of Rome commissioned this temple. The construction of the temple is made of sandstone and the temple has assorted engravings and carvings picturing the spiritual symbols of the Roman-Egyptian epoch of the fifteenth century BC. Base of the temple shows carvings of Nelumbo nucifera workss and papyrus. These symbols are associated with river Nile and river Nile in bend was sacredly a symbol of life for the ancient Egypt in a similar mode as river Ganga is a spiritual intensions for Hindus in India. The most outstanding subject that is repeated in the temple is the carvings of the signifiers of goddess Isis, her brother Osiris and their boy Horus. Another dramatic characteristic is graffiti scribbled in English that were left by the visitants when the temple was in its original location.


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