Miami School District Negotiation Paper Essay

Miami School District Negotiation Paper The Miami school district has announced that in the upcoming year, school boundaries will be redrawn due to unexpected increases in enrollment. The school board has created a plan for the students as the school is not large enough to accommodate each and every one of them. They have hired experts to redraw school boundaries to be submitted for the following year. Upsetting many students as they will not be able to stay at their present school, several parents have voiced opinions based upon the school district proposed plan.

Most of the parents are concerned about the quality of education their children will receive, increased travel time, crossing economic and cultural boundaries, affect on property values, and social effects on children. With the following reasons against the proposed plan, I will address all of the stakeholders and their concerns. This paper will also discuss a developed plan to address stakeholders’ concerns as well as the negotiation strategy used to support the school board’s need to redraw the boundaries with the concerns of the stakeholders. Lastly, the paper will explain how ethics and culture affect the decisions.

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There are many stakeholders in this situation with the students being redrawn from their current school. The students, school officials, staff, teachers, school district, and even the students’ parents are all stakeholders. The students will be affected by the redrawing as they may be going to a different school and face with different personal issues, including separation from friends. Students may be troubled with the new society, struggle meeting new friends, have difficulty understanding the new concepts and school guidelines, and carry cultural differences and education.

Students may feel lack of support based on their surroundings and bring those problems home. It can be difficult meeting friends at a new school and adapting to a new culture and groups. There may situations where a student is socially affected in school and will take their problems out on their parents. They will possibly get into school arguments, be picked on, and even be ignored by others, which will cause them to become unconfident and unhappy.

Parents are important stakeholders as they will be concerned about the welfare of their children when going to a new school. Although students chose their own decisions and lifestyle, students can be affected by their surroundings and worry their parents. The parents may fear that the quality of education does not meet the same standards in the new school. They will also be unhappy with the commute time to take and bring back their children to school as most of the students are already attending a local school and it may just be a walking distance.

Economic and cultural boundaries can be crossed as many students may move to a school with the majority of the students being from a certain cultures or background. Property values can be affected too, with the move of children to new schools. For example, schools in upper class neighborhoods may be seeing lower class families moving in and trashing their surroundings and graffiti around the neighborhood by students from different neighborhoods, causing property value depreciation. This may even lead to other residence in becoming potential stakeholders.

Finally, the parent’s main concerns will be the social effects on their children and how they can be influenced negatively with the new school’s society. Schools officials, staff, teachers, and the school district are also stakeholders with this decision. School officials including the staff and teachers of the new schools are obligated to accept all students and provide a positive environment for the students. The school district wants to make sure that every student is provided with quality education.

They will provide students and teachers with appropriate sized classrooms, materials, and staff. Although the school district would like to keep all students at their current schools, it would be impossible for them to do so with the growth in the community. Therefore, as a alternative to make sure that they can continue to provide education for every student in the community, the school district will redrawn students to different school. Trying to keep all parents and students happy based on their decision, they have hired experts to redraw school boundaries.

To support the school board’s need to redraw the boundaries for the next year, I will use the persuasive style of negotiation strategy for the stakeholder’s concerns. With a large group of school officials, parents, and students unhappy with the decision, I would utilize the techniques and strategically methods of the persuasive style to answer to the voicing parents. Some of the steps and elements may include: setting the emotional tone and manner, encouraging active participation, use of vivid language, use of threats to incite fear, and violation of the receiver’s expectations.

The main concern with parents is the quality of education their students will receive in their new schools. With the emotional tone and manner, a district meeting will be held to bring in all the parents and explain to them of what is going on. First, parents will be invited to voice out their concerns and we will explain to them that the quality of education will not differ in any way than what their students are currently receiving.

With the use of the persuasive style, parents will understand that the students will stay in the same school district and the district will continue to provide students and teachers with appropriate sized classrooms, materials, and staff. Although it may be a bit of an inconvenience for many parents due to increase of travel time, use of vivid language will be used to manipulate parents to agree that this is the best decision for everyone. We do not want crowded schools with overflowed students and less teaching material. This will then have an effect on the quality of education, unless we redraw for the upcoming year.

When we look at crossing economic and cultural boundaries, parents have to understand that the district is here to provide education for all cultures and classes. There will be a question of racism and other cultural differences if parents argue that the boundaries are crossed. They have to understand that everyone comes from a different background and should not be treated indifferently. Property value can be a concern as well for many parents and neighbors, however the neighborhood has to understand and be good citizens by accepting the redraw.

We will not tolerate any kind of graffiti or negative effect on the communities and we will explain to everyone that actions will be taken against those who do not comply with our guidelines. There will be an automatic expulsion from the district if anyone is found doing a negative activity involving school activity and even in the neighborhood. Finally, the social affect concern will be addressed and made sure that every parent understands that it is their responsibility to influence their children in a positive way to avoid any negativity amongst the students.

Ethics and culture should not affect the decision because many individuals come from different backgrounds and their choices will significantly differ from others. Although we will have concerns of individuals whom believe that ethics and cultures will be affected, the Miami school district will not have any cultural differences just like any other district. Therefore we will not make choice of where we will put students as we have hired experts to redraw school boundaries.

This decision is a final alternative for the crowded school and all individuals should understand that it is the best solution for all. All of the school districts in the United States have diverse students from different ethnicities and cultures. Those whom wish to have their students in a specific cultural group or school may choose to put their students in a private school. In conclusion, the stakeholders will understand the concept and accept the decision with the use of the persuasive style negotiation strategy.

Parents, students, and school officials will adapt to the new changes and regulations of the district as there is no other alternative. Presenting the overcrowded school concerns, every individual will understand the purpose of the redrawing during the district meeting. All of the concerns will be covered during the meeting and all voices will be heard. We will act in a persuasive style and explain to the individuals that the decision has been made. Finally, for those who disagree with the redrawing may simply put their students in a private school.


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