Michael Dominguez Essay

In the begging of the twenty-century a war was raged against the world. Every country fought to honor and defend it country. The Triple Entente, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy versus the Allies, Britain, France, and America in an all out world war. Each county gathered its troops and raised their spirits high in the honor to defend one’s nation. Germany was the first. They declared war on France. The French not willing to back down were at war. Germany now on hostile grounds gave Serbia and ultimatum. Serbia not knowing what to do accepted. Britain now is trying to keep Serbia neutral. Germany now seeking help to be the best sought out the second best, Austria-Hungary and they accepted. Total war.

Germany using a captured mini-tank, called the whippet, developed a larger tank. General Ludenorff says the army couldn’t spare the men necessary to build these weapons of mass destruction so the project was abandoned. Germany developed the flame-thrower. A flame-thrower was a tank or oil discharged through a long nozzle by pressure of compressed air. Various gases were used through out the war. Some much more deadly than chlorine, like phosgene or mustard gas. The later gases would turn out to be even more deadly because they didn’t burn as chlorine did. A solider would be infected with out knowing it.

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The Austrian Empire has been characterized as consisting of “a dynasty of diplomacy.” Of the diplomacy two great exponents were Metternich, the Chancellor and Franz Joseph, the Emperor. They were so dominating the first half of the nineteenth century was called “The Era of Metternich.” Emperors and kings met in Vienna in 1885 to make over the map of Europe, and the adroit and the charming diplomat help a strong personal influence over the distinguished circle. July 28 Austria declares war on Serbia. Austrian-Hungarian territory shows that far below the northern most frontier of Serbia in the west. Consisting of provinces of Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Dalmatian. Thus Serbia was exposed on the northern front and the western front.

Britain and France were far from beaten. General Alekesi Alkessichich Brusilov had two central principles upon his plan of attack. Suprise and disseperation of the enemies reserves rather than an all out attack. Despite criticism, Brusilov ordered four main attacks on reasonably wide fronts. Brusilov’s offensive was launched on June 4, 1916 in Galica, in a rough coordination with Italian and British offensive. Initial Russian success was tremendous: nearly 200,000 Austrian solider was taken prisoner in the first week. Russian forces drove deep into Galica. The Austrian army was effectively destroyed as a major fighting force. While Russian forces advanced Austrian forces in Romania far into the allied camp. Bruslov’s tactics were executed with such success that his plan was executed time and time again.

America’s first reaction of the war upon business was certain to be unfavorable. International trade was for the moment completely disrupted. American manufacturers found many of their accustomed foreign markets were cut off. Shipping facilities were greatly curtailed by the transfer of merchant shipping to military use. European stock exchange was closed. On July 31, the London stock exchange closed. Making the New York stock exchange the only important stock exchange open. The ratio of foreign exchange, at first ran heavily against the United States and then England. At one time it was seven U.S. dollars to one pound sterling.
When war breaks out no matter where it is in the world. Every body is effected by the outcome. So why should we go indulge ourselves in war? What do we accomplish by destroying another’s land and life?


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