Michel de Nostredame

Michel de Nostredame otherwise known as the latinized name Nostradamus. Was born on December 14th, 1503 in St. Remy, France and was educated by his grandfather, Jean. Which he was taught mathematics and astrology. Also was taught three languages which include Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. Nostradamus was the oldest son of his family and had four brothers. Nostradamus was a physician in France during a time that many plagues invaded the country. Not many things were known about Nostradamus early life except that he was homeschooled by his grandfather.

In most of Nostradamus adult life he was trying to help many French people who were infected by some of the plagues that invaded France at that time. Nostradamus did in fact go to school to get a bachelors degree for medicine in 1532. Nostradamus is also known for being an astrologer which he did not receive a degree for, although there is no facts that he was a good or famous astrologer of his time, many people do mention that in their writings. Nostradamus is most famous for his book Centuries that he wrote in cryptic four line quatrains.

Nostradamus does not have many accomplishments, but you could call his most famous prophecies his accomplishments because they were heard around the world. The prophecy that started his fame was one, which he predicted that the king of France would die in an accidental death. Four years later King Henri II was pitted against the count in a jousting tournament. Later on, angry mobs burned Nostradamus because of his psychic abilities. Amazingly enough, he managed to escape the mobs and continued in the completion of his book.

One of Nostradamus predictions that are thought to be the most famous is his prediction of world revolution. In his book Centuries it states, In the year 1999 and seven months, from the sky will come the great terror king. He will return the life of the great Mongol king. Before and after warfare happily rules. The date that he states at the beginning is August 1999. In August 1999 it is said that there will be a cross of the planets in the signs relating to the four beasts of the Apocalypse- Taurus the bull, Scorpio the scorpion, Leo the lion, and Aquarius the man.

Astrologers believe that stress of this grouping could generate extreme violence, unrest, and natural catastrophe. A prediction that Nostradamus made in his book that many people now a days are scared of is the end of the world. He supposedly predicted that the end of the world would happen somewhere near the year 2000. Most of the time people do not believe Nostradamus prophecies until they actually happen. At this point the majority of the world does not believe Nostradamus. Many people know of Nostradamus as just a famous prophet, but he had do have a job to bring in money just like the rest of us.

He did put his education in medicine to good work; he treated many plagues that invaded France during the 16th century. He was also noted for being an astrologer to clients who included the Queen of France. He studied the stars and maybe he might have found one of the constellations. He once received a letter from Julius-Cesar Scaliger. Apparently Nostradamus reply was so pleasing to Julius that he invited him to stay at his home in Agen. There, Nostradamus married a young girl of high estate. Supposedly she was very beautiful and admirable.

Her name is not available but they did have a son and daughter. Unfortunately a plague came to Agen and killed his wife and two kids. He did infact, try very desperately to sane the three of them but his efforts did not work. Shortly after that tragedy he quarreled with Julius and lost his friendship. He also did produce a yearly almanac called The Prognostications, which he started sometime after 1550. Unfortunately this famous seer had to die some time; the bright side of this tragedy is he was not assassinated. There is not an exact date or even an estimation on the day

Of his death, but he was buried upright in the walls of the Church of the Cordeliers at Salon. Superstitious soldiers opened his grave during the Revolution but he was reburied in the Church of St. Laurent also in Salon. His grave and portrait can still be seen in the church. Nostradamus was a very wise man, though there is no logical explanation about his gift of predicting future events. I do believe most of his predictions that Ive heard of. The prophecy that he made that I strongly dont believe is when he predicted the end of the world.

It might seem that I dont want to believe in it because Im scared of that day, but Im not scared of it. The reason I dont believe in it is because I dont think there will be a nuclear holocaust like he said there would. There are a lot of nuclear weapons out there but the world will probably find out a way to destroy these weapons before they could explode. Many people make up predictions and claim that Nostradamus made them, the reason the make these is either to scare people or they might of read one of his prophecies and since theyre not very direct it could lead them to thinking something else.

You should never say that those predictions are not true because we dont know if he just thought of something and called it a prophecy. Since his predictions did not have any names or places his prophecies can suit many situations or people. On the flip side, if you do believe most of his predictions like I do, then you might think of him as a person who should be very appreciated for his prophecies. All his predictions might seem logical to you. It is said that he tried to burn his book but changed his mind after pages 43-100 in Centurie VII were lost and some damaged.

I think he did this after the loss of his wife and children and the loss of Julius-Cesar Scalingers friendship. It might have got him mad that the world could be so cruel, that he felt him and his work wasnt good. The prediction that there would be a third world war might be true especially at this point. He said that an antichrist and leader from the Middle East would start this world war. Slobadahn Molosavich is a leader from the Middle East and seems to me to be an antichrist. There is a problem in his country and the U. S. and France have got in this war. There is rumor that China will get into this war.

At this point it is just a little war but Nostradamus didnt predict it to be the end of the world. He did though predict it to be a very deadly war. Moving to his intelligence, I think he is a very smart man. Not very many people have become an Astrologer and a doctor of medicines. He might have not been able to save his wife and children from their plagues, but he did try and Im pretty sure he did help many other people in France. As Ive clearly stated, I do believe in his predictions and I do think he was a very intelligent man. I have leaned things in this paper and I hope to learn more about this great seer.


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