Microsoft PowerPoint Sample Essay

Heated arguments have emerged sing the advantages and disadvantages of Prezi and PowerPoint. Both plans are utile in their ain ways and arguably. it is all a affair of penchant. You might state the statements are crushing a dead Equus caballus at this point. much like two old work forces reasoning over the conditions or adult females. I will discourse the advantages and disadvantages of each. though. at the terminal. the penchant will be left up to the reader. Presentation manner can be a game modifier in many scenarios. Throughout history. a magnetic talker most frequently bore the weight. Not that much has changed. even with the innovation of presentation package. Arguably. nil has changed. salvage for the alteration from posting boards and cutouts germinating into telecastings and computing machines. The lone existent difference is it is non necessary to be an creative person in order to present a successful message. nevertheless. all that was changed in 1987 when Presenter was unleashed on the universe. Microsoft PowerPoint emerged under the name “Presenter” as the lone presentation package available in 1987. However. due to brand issues. Presenter was subsequently named PowerPoint [ ( Hewitt. 2009 ) ] .

In the last 23 old ages. PowerPoint has proven itself utile in many ways. although. it has its benefits and is non without defects. When fixing a PowerPoint presentation. the advantages include flexibleness. creativeness and easiness. Additionally. an teacher can use the plan to streamline a complex message and present it to a big audience with easiness. A major disadvantage encountered when fixing a PowerPoint presentation is a deficiency of accomplishment. Although most persons do non happen the plan hard to utilize. it still requires a certain degree of comprehension and proficient “know-how” to efficaciously make an attractive presentation. Persons with small or no computing machine experience may happen it hard to utilize. Furthermore. to present a successful message. the presentation must be without mistake prior to bringing. While PowerPoint is user friendly. it is non forgiving during a presentation. To rectify an mistake. the user must go out the presentation to redact ; this is a instead awkward experience. Additionally. PowerPoint does non offer all the same auto-correct options that Microsoft Word does. Therefore. attending to item is a demand when constructing a slideshow ( Sheehan. 2012 ) .

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Microsoft PowerPoint Sample Essay
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PowerPoint has had a pseudo-monopoly on the market in the manner of showing stuff in an attractive and entertaining manner. That was until Prezi came to the concern presentation market in 2009. Prezi was developed to make full the nothingness of a much-needed option to the mundane PowerPoint presentation. The new. freer fluxing. less additive presentation platform excited people significantly. For many. the criterion. cheesy passages available in PowerPoint limited the creativeness of their presentations. which in bend had the possible to restrict their callings. Prezi’s usage of waies. where a free-moving “camera” follows a set of affiliated frames. alternatively of slides. makes every Prezi alone – 1 has about infinite possibilities when make up one’s minding which way. literally. he or she want to take the presentation. Prezi has its drawbacks though. For case. Prezi. unlike PowerPoint. does non hold spellchecker. This inconveniences those hurried executives who want to throw together a presentation without holding to scan every word for a misprint. In add-on. up until late. Prezi users were non able to infix new Michigans along the tract easy.

When a user took a screenshot. Prezi sent the frame to the terminal of the presentation. necessitating the user to drag the frame all the manner back to the necessary place within the storyboard. Last. if the user abuses Prezi’s functionality. including the in-and-out zooming characteristic. audiences may go nauseous instead than captivated [ ( Duggal. 2011 ) ] . Each plan has benefits over one another and their defects are arguable and rather merely. a affair of gustatory sensation. Theme customization is simpler in PowerPoint. and audio/video can be included much more easy. Furthermore. PowerPoint allows the user to add slides in a specific topographic point effortlessly with the chink of a button. All the piece. Prezi has the ability to set the presentation in a 2. 5D format and allows the user to choose where the show goes manually. Both PowerPoint and Prezi are effectual tools for pass oning in a concern forum.

Both. nevertheless. have the possibility of being abused and/or mismanaged. When make up one’s minding whether to utilize a Prezi or PowerPoint in your following presentation. take into a context the audience and their gustatory sensations. The first regulation of pollex when presenting a message to an audience is to cognize the audience. Without that. the presenter can non efficaciously present the message on any platform. We have already established that PowerPoint and Prezi both have their high spots and booby traps. However. the determination is left to the single utilizing said resource to find the best bringing method.


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