Mid-Term Q & A Environmental Science Test Prep

Question Answer
What are the goals of environmental science? -to learn how life on earth has survived and thrive
-to understand how humans interact with their environment
-to find ways to deal with environmental problems so we can live more sustainably ALL OF THESE ANSWERS ARE CORECT.
What are the three principles of sustainability ? chemical cycling, biodiversity, and solar energy
TRUE OR FALSE:The difference between pollution cleanup and pollution prevention is that, one pertains to repairing the damage already done, while the other refers to creating ways to stop future occurrences TRUE
What is an ecological footprint? The amount of ecological resources that would be needed to supply a person with what is needed for them to live based on their behaviors
TRUE OR FALSE; The four basic causes of environmental problems are: Population Growth, unsustainable resource use, education and not including full market prices for goods and services. FALSE
TRUE OR FALSE:Affluence has led to unnecessary waste of resources because the behaviors that wealthy people usually exhibit but it has a great potential to do good if those behaviors could be changed TRUE
How could the prices of goods and services truly reflect the costs of making goods or providing services? – companies should be held more accountable for their actions
– Items such as gas or oil should not be subsidized by governments
-People should pay more for the services and goods that they buy d)
All of these answers are correct

Freshwater can be defined as: -Water that is mostly pure or unpolluted
-Water that does not contain much dissolved salts
– Water that has NOT been unnaturally filtered
-All of these answers are correct
Most of the freshwater that exists on earth is not available to humans because it is inaccessible
What is the main cause of aquifer depletion? overuse from over population
TRUE OR FALSE:The world's largest known aquifer, Ogallala, is located under New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota. In southern parts of this aquifer, water is being pumped out 10-40 times faster than it is replenished. TRUE
One of the harmful effects of overdrawing water from aquifers is known by scientists as a land Subsidence. Most people commonly refer to this occurrence sinkhole
TRUE OR FALSE:Dams are built and used all over the world. The only thing that a dam is used for is to create reservoirs for water supplies False
How does studying benthic macroinvertebrate populations in various water sources, tell us about the quality of water in the location it is taken from? The existence of different types of benthic organisms will indicate the level of toxins
TRUE OR FALSE:The hydrologic or water cycle is a natural service of the natural resource water. TRUE
In a water treatment facility, the grit and sludge is removed during the______________ stage of sewage treatment and then the water goes through the ______________ stage where____________ removes as much as 90% of oxygen demanding organic wastes primary, secondary, bacteria
TRUE OR FALSE ;In a sewage treatment facility, Ultraviolet light can be used as an alternative to using chlorine, to disinfect water before it is released back into the water supply. TRUE
Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere through the carbon cycle from what sources? -transportation and deforestation
-orest fires and burning of fossil fuels
-respiration and diffusion d)
all of these answers are correct
The Colorado River once flowed through Mexico and spilled out into the Pacific Ocean through the _____________. This river no longer flows to the ocean because of dams and________________ of water Gulf of California, overuse
Which of the following are natural services in the carbon cycle? diffusion, respiration and photosynthesis
Explain how deforestation could contribute to higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. What effect would result from this occurrence caused by humans? THIS IS A SAMPLE ANSWER!!!! YOUR OWN ANSWER SHOULD BE SIMILAR FOR FULL CREDIT!!!!!
Deforestation contributes to higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because there would be less trees and plants to remove the carbon dioxide from the air. There could be more carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere due to deforestation depending on how the timber is used after it is cut. These elevated amounts of carbon dioxide could contribute to global climate changes

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