: Midnights summer nights dream Essay

: Midnights summer nights dream BY chir03030821 Topic: Midnights summer nights dream A mid-summer nights dream takes places in Athens, Greece. Theseus the duke of Athens is planning his marriage with hipolita, and as result he is planning a large festival. Egeus enters, followed by his daughter Hermia, her beloved Lysander and Demetrius. Egeus tells Theseus that Hermia must marry Demetrius not Lysander (as she wants). He asks Theseus to punish Hermia with death is she refuse to obey.

Theseus agrees that Hermia duty is to obey her father, and threatens her with either entering a nunnery or marrying the man her father chooses. Lysander protest, but is told to stop. Lysander and Hermia decide to escape by night in to the woods where they can escape the law and get married. Hermia tells her to Helena, a girl who is madly in love with Demetrius, but he is not hoping to gain favor with Demetrius, Helena decides to tell him about the plan.

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Some local artisans and workmen have decided to perform a play for Theseus as a way to celebrate his wedding. They rehearse the play in the woods. Robin Goodfellow ( a Young Fairy), meet with Queen Titania ( The Queen Fairy). They fight over a young boy that Titania stole and was taking care of. Obreron decides to play a trick on Titania and put some magical dust in her eyes. The magical dusts will make her sleep. And when she wakes up she will fall in love with the first person she sees.

Obreron demands Robin to put dust also on Demetrius and Lysander. They all fall asleep. By accident Helena comes across Lysander and wakes him up. He falls in love with Helena and begins to choose her across the woods. Obreron sees the mistake he has done. Demetrius also wakes up and sees Helena. They both (Lysander, Demetrius) fall in love with her and begin an argument. In the meantime the men releasing the play have mask on Titania sees a an with a donkey mask on and falls in love with him.

Lysander on Demetrius begins a fght for the love of Helena. Robin intervenes and leads them move in circle until they collapse exhausted. He does the same with the two women. They all fall asleep. Obreron releases Titania from the spell. Then he does the same to the far youngsters. They are found by Egeus and taken to Theseus for punishment. They all explain what happened. Demetrius says he no longer loves Hermia that he loves Helena instead. So the story ends when Lysander Marries Hermia and Theseus the duke marrys Hippolita the same day.


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