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Question Answer
What are the 4 other names for thermolysis? 1.) Alternating Current (AC)
2.) High frequency
3.) Radio Frequency
4.) Diathermy
Cushing syndrome is caused by excess production of what hormone? Cortisone
What do you call a pustule that surround a hair? folliculitis
Which gland secretes waste? Sudoriferous gland
What do you call blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart? Arteries
Electrologists should not come to work when they are suffering from a ____ disease. Communicable/contagious/infectious
Which modality does not produce heat? Galvanic electrolysis
When practicing electrolysis, where do you insert the probe? Hair follicle
What do you call nerve fibers that detect sensations, such as cold, heat or touch? Sensory nerves
Between tweezers, probes, scissors and your needle holder, which one should not be sterilize? Needle holder
When using high frequency current, the amount of time the current is applied is dependent upon what other factor? intensity of current
How is oxygen transported through the body? Blood
When using high frequency, what kind of insertion can cause blanching? shallow insertion?
Bacteria that are difficult to destroy are in what stage? Spore
When a new client calls with questions, you should gain enough of the confidence to bring them in for what? Consultation
The degree of follicle curvature is related to the ____ of the hair shaft. Flatness
During your consultation, you must explain that electrolysis will take time and requires a series of ____ to be effective. Treatment
Draping a client serves to protect the client and electrologist, but what does it not provide? Sterilization of area
The client's case history card provides accurate records, helps to create a treatment plan, and it should also have the client's ____. Signature
Which nervous system regulates involuntary body function? Autonomic nervous system
Your probe should be long enough to reach full depth of which stage growth? deepest stage anagen
When inserting into a follicle, where should the probe tip end up? Papilla
The diameter of the probe should be ____ to the diameter of the hair. equal
What do you call nerves which carry impulses to the nerve center? Afferent
The flash technique of thermolysis uses ____ intensities for a ____ duration. very high intensities for a very short duration.
What do you call the process of destroying all bacteria? Sterilization
Lentigines can also be called what? Freckles
When galvanic and thermolysis current are available at the need, either together or separately, it is called what? Blend
When sterilizing instruments in a steam sterilizer at 250 degrees F, how long should you run the process for unpackaged instruments? 15 minutes
An electrologist should not work on any one with a(n) ____ disease. infectious/communicable/contagious
Where do you find white blood cells in the body? Bloodstream
A virus is a type of _____. Microorganism
When are regulatory inspections of your business allowed? Any time practice is being conducted
What kind of spermicide kills HIV? Nonoxynol-9
Standard disease protection is referred to as what? Universal precautions
How long can a person with full-fledged aids live for? 2 years or longer
When sterilizing instruments in a dry clave at 340 degrees F, how long should you run the proves for packaged instruments? 60 minutes
What kind of bacteria constitutes the minority of all bacteria? Pathogenic
During electrolysis treatment, which 3 chemicals are created in the follicle? Sodium hydroxide, hydrogen gas, chlorine gas
The majority of probes are made of what? Stainless steel
Which 3 terms are acceptable when referring to the modality that was first used by Dr. Michel in 1875? Electrolysis, galvanic, direct current (DC)
When trying to determine the working point on a new client, you should start with a ____ intensity. Low/moderate
If you were to lift the hair with a tweezer while inserting the probe, you could cause what to happen? inaccurate insertion
What does galvanic current create inside the follicle? Sodium hydroxide (lye)
During treatment, how do you know when the working point has been reached? The hair epilates with minimum discomfort
What do you call the device that is used to turn alternating current into direct current? Rectifier
What do you call the device that is used to alter the voltage of a current? Transformer
What do you call a natural magnet? Lodestone
What is the technical term for 1 one-thousandths of an ampere? Milliampere
What do you call a unit of electrical resistance? Ohm
What do you call a unit of electrical pressure? Volt
The length of the probe is determined by the depth of which stage of hair growth? full/advanced anagen
When treating a client with thermolysis, problems can arise if the epidermis is what? Moist
Vellus hairs are considered to be an appendage of which gland? Sebaceous gland
Which method of temporary hair removal can cause hair to grow darker and courser? waxing/tweezing
Dual action, electro-blend, and "combination" are all referring to which modality? Blend
When treating a client with the blend, what is the client holding? Anode pole
What do you call a congenital loss of pigment in the skin? Albinism
When inserting deeper into the follicle, the flow of current will be greater because of more contact with what? Mositure
Galvanic current is great for curved or distorted follicles because it is highly ____. Mobile
When you have a shallow insertion, the effect of the current is more ____. Intense
A neuron is part of which body system? Nervous system
What is the main factor that effects the electrologists speed while working on a client? Patient's pain tolerance
Which two currents are used in the blend modality? Radio frequency, galvanic
How many probes are used when treating a client with the blend? One probe
What do you call a circuit in which the current is flowing? Closed circuit
What 3 factors about the probe can affect the electrical activity of the probe? 1.) diameter
2.) shape
3.) length
Both re-usable probes and disposable probes must always be what? Sterile
A black or blue mark in the area of treatment can result from what? Too large of a probe/needle
Ohm's law states that amperes=volts divided by ____? Ohms/resistance
Electrologists should show ____ for their client and their client's needs. concern
Which three terms are acceptable when referring to galvanic current? 1.) multiple needle galvanic
2.) direct current (DC)
3.) Electrolysis
Which part of the upper lip is most sensitive? The center
When does your electrolysis license expire? May 31st of even # years
How often should you test your sterilizer with a spore test? Once a month
At your place of practice, where should you keep your electrolysis license? Conspicuous place
What do you call a deeply rooted coarse hair? Terminal hair
What are two normal skin reactions after receiving electrolysis treatment? 1.) redness (erythema)
2.) swelling (edema)
Why must the client sign the health history card? To gran permission and validate information
What kind of license can be transferred from one location to another as long as both locations pass inspection? Facility license
An indentation of the epidermis is better known what? Follicle
What does the hair bulb encapsulate or surround? Papilla
Hair, nails, sebaceous and sudoriferous glands are all considered to be ____ of the skin. Appendages
Which nervous system controls the sudoriferous glands? Autonomic nervous system
Where do vellus hairs begin their growth? Lobe of the sebaceous gland
What are 3 terms used to describe that last stage of a hairs growth cycle? 1.) Telogen
2.) Club hair
3.) Bed hair
What are 3 possible terms used to describe or reference excessive and abnormal hair growth? 1.) hypertrichosis
2.) hirustism
3.) hypertrichology
What are the 3 causes of excessive hair growth? 1.) Congenital
2.) Topical
3.) Systemic
Probe holder tips should be soaked in what percentage of alcohol? And how long should they be soaked for? 70% alcohol for 10 minutes
Which modality is considered to be mono-terminal? Thermolysis
What is the method of destruction for galvanic current? Chemical decomposition
Where can you find the pigment layer of the skin? between the epidermis and dermis-Stratum germinativum
The outer scales of the hair provide which function? Protection/strength
Which modality does not produce a chemical effect? High frequency
The positive pole is also known as what? Anode
What are the smallest blood vessels? Capillaries
Which blood vessels carry blood to the heart? Veins
What do you call organisms that produce disease? Pathogenic
What happens to the blood supply to the skin after treatment with the anode pole? Decreases blood supply
What happens to the nerves after treatment with the cathode pole? Irritates nerves

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