Military 3000 Word Rbi on Parking Your Military Police Patrol Vehicle Essay

3000 word RBI on why I should back my vehicle into a parking spot Here is what happened. I pv2 stein was on patrol in Schweinfurt Germany on 19 April 2010. I went to work at 1345 like usual for a swing shift. We started guard mount and then we went out to PMCS our vehicles as we always do. I had vehicle 753 for the day so I started my PMCS on that vehicle. I started by checking all of the fluids in the vehicle. I checked all the fluids including the oil and windshield washer fluid. Everything was fine with the fluids so I moved onto the next part.

I walked around and got into the vehicle to check all of the damage to the interior of it. There were minor scratches to the interior including the door panels, the seats, and the center console as well as the dashboard. I marked all of this on my pmcs sheet and then moved onto the next step which is the exterior of the vehicle. I started on the back side of the driver’s side of the vehicle. I noted a few minor scratches and marks on the vehicle as I made a complete 360 degree walk around the vehicle like I am supposed to.

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Military 3000 Word Rbi on Parking Your Military Police Patrol Vehicle Essay
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There was no major damaged on the vehicle that I noticed on my 360 degree walk around the vehicle so I got inside the vehicle and made sure all of the lights and emergency lights and sirens worked on it like usual. I then started the vehicle to make sure the navigation system worked. It did so I annotated all of the damage to vehicle in my pmcs sheet and then signed it on the front. I turned it into my patrol sup and then got a weapon so I was ready to go in service. I then went in service and made my way over to Askren Manor and parked behind the commissary in between a yellow dumpster and a green TMP van.

I backed my vehicle into the parking spot with at least a parking spot in between each object on each side of my vehicle. I then got out and completed a walking patrol for approximately 30 minutes. After I completed a walking patrol I made my way over to Ledward Barracks and started a mobile patrol. I did a mobile patrol for about 15 minutes and then requested permission from the desk sergeant to go to Burger King on Conn barracks for chow. I was granted permission so I headed over to Burger King. I arrived at Burger King about 15 minutes later and parked my vehicle next to a fence and the sidewalk.

The parking spot next to me was empty so I thought it would be okay to just pull into the parking spot forward instead of backing my vehicle in like I am supposed to. There was a huge mistake in itself. What I didn’t know was that during the ten minutes I was inside burger king something bad would happen to my vehicle. I walked out of Burger King ten minutes later and attempted to walk around the vehicle to get in. Right when I was next to the vehicle I noticed some damage on the driver’s side rear corner of my vehicle.

I then realized the mistake that I had just made. I should have never even thought about parking my vehicle without backing it in. What happened to my vehicle could have been prevented just by doing that. Apparently when I was inside burger king someone backed into the rear driver’s side corner of my vehicle and took off. That sounds so stupid but it is the truth. There is other reasons why it is important to back your patrol vehicle into a parking spot but let me hit on this reason for a little bit longer.

Let’s say that I parked my vehicle into that spot in a forward manner in which I did, and I had a call while I was inside of the Burger King and I had to hurry up and get out of Burger King and to the call. I would have to go through the trouble of backing out of the parking spot I was in and maybe causing an accident because I was trying to hurry up. Instead of doing what I did and parking the vehicle in the correct manner (backing it in) I parked the wrong way and pulled in forward. I have now realized that parking my vehicle is pretty important in my job field.

I am a Military Police Officer and I should always be doing the right thing and abiding by what I am told to do. Also, I am in the United States army and if I am told to do something by an NCO or anyone of a higher rank I am to do it and not ask questions. From now on I will obey all my orders and perform all my duties in a military manner. Another reason why I should have backed my vehicle into the parking spot is because if I backed my vehicle into the spot then I could have realized how much my vehicle was sticking out into the road. Maybe then my vehicle wouldn’t have gotten backed into while I was inside of Burger King.

It was just a bad day on my part and I learned my lesson big time. Everywhere I go now I cannot park my patrol vehicle without backing it into a parking spot. I believe that is how it should be for everyone from now on. Everyone might not abide by that rule but I will make sure I am abiding by it at all times. Also from this whole incident I have received a negative consoling stating that I have failed to obey a lawful order in regards to not reversing my vehicle into the parking spot and just pulling it in. Negative consolings can mean several of different things.

It could mean you are getting UCMJ action or it could mean you are basically being consoled on what you did wrong so that you don’t do that thing in particular wrong again. It could also mean you getting chaptered out of the army if you have had too many negative consolings. So my whole point to this essay is to make everyone who reads this believe that when an NCO says something they are probably telling you it for a reason. There is nothing else I could possibly think of that I could write in this essay to tell you why it is a good idea to back your patrol vehicle in instead of just pulling it in lazily.

Just remember, to everyone who reads this essay, ALWAYS BACK YOUR PATROL VEHICLE INTO A PARKING SPOT!!! I can’t express that much more than I am now. What if you were pulled into a parking spot without backing your patrol vehicle in and you had to hurry up and back out of the spot you were in and you caused an accident. That could mean much more grief than you really needed at that point. I am now a firm believer of listening to my NCOs and now I am a firm believer of knowing that they for the most part all know what they are talking about.

I am just a private and for the most part all of our patrols are just privates as well. Therefore we should always listen to what our NCOs tell us. They do know what they are talking about and they have been through everything that we haven’t. Well most of them. I did some research on vehicles being reversed into parking spots. These are not necessarily patrol vehicles but I do believe it is a better idea for everyone to reverse and so does Perry vensson of taipai times newspaper. In his article he states, “Why do people back into parking spaces?

While many car owners do, they do not know the reasoning behind this practice. A representative of the Hsinchu City traffic police division said the practice saves on both gasoline and prevents theft, and it was something drivers could consider. Chien Hua-ming, chief of traffic police at the Hsinchu City police force, said the advantages are that it is easier to Get the car started, it prevents theft, and it saves on gasoline. He said police regulations have always required that officers back into parking spaces because if an emergency occurs, start it will allow for the fastest.

Conversely, if you have to back out of the parking space, there will frequently be blind spots, so that drivers could easily back into other cars entering the parking lot. By comparison, it saves both time and gasoline to back into the parking space or garage when parking the car. Criminal investigation team leader Chiang Shou-ting, who previously served on the freeway Patrol, said that backing into a parking space, therefore affects fuel consumption. When the engine is turned on, it cools down, and if the car was driven straight into the parking space, it will be necessary to back out.

Now, putting in a cold engine is the reverse maneuver that requires the highest fuel consumption. That means that when backing into a parking space the car engine is still warm means that when you leave, the engine will be warmed up slowly, and that will save on fuel consumption. theft In addition, the most important reason for backing into a parking space is that it will help prevent. These days, many cars are equipped with GPS systems, TVs and high quality sound systems and safety bags. These valuables are all coveted by thieves.

If the car is backed into the parking space, people and cars moving around the parking lot will be able to see what goes on in the car. Thieves are likely to give a wide berth such cars. Many drivers do not know why they should back into a parking space, and wants to hurry to drive straight into an empty space. It may be convenient, but according to police, there are many more advantages to backing into a parking space. I agree with this because it is true what he says. It makes sense to back your vehicle into a parking spot instead of pulling it in normally. I found some statistics on Google at reversebackingsystems. om that stated this. “A reversing accident occurs every 1. 6 minutes in this country. In the U. S. , every year, over 300,000 backing accidents are reported, and that doesn’t include the unreported accidents. Every year, more than 400 people die because of backing accidents (most of them young children. ) Drivers must pay over 1. 3 billion dollars a year for the damages. Most of these accidents could have been prevented by even the simplest of backing safety systems! Kids and Cars, a nonprofit organization for increasing child auto safety, reports that in 2007, 91 children died from being backed into.

The majority (82%) of these deaths were small children under age four. This age group, though only a tiny 6% of the whole U. S. population makes up 30% of all the non-occupant victims of backing accidents. Also, the number of children killed in reversing accidents increased 57% from 2006 to 2007. Why the dramatic increase? Most likely, it’s due to the large blind spots of SUVs, vans, and pickups, which have been increasing in popularity. Blind spots are areas the driver cannot see easily from her position”. I agree with this.

Which is why we should be reversing into parking spots so we don’t have to reverse out of them and maybe cause and accident. It just helps promote safety and better yet it keeps people in your community safe. I’ve gone from putting in my own words of describing to you why I should back my vehicle into parking spots to letting you know a few more people’s opinions from the internet. I’ve done this because it is good to have a bunch of outlooks on a problem before you can solve it. That leads me to the next article I found on the internet. This was written by Brandon Montag.

It states, “The most sensational crashes usually happen at intersections, or at high speed. And the most common roadway car crash is the rear-end collision. But surprisingly, the highest number of accidents actually happens in parking lots, where space is at a premium. These crashes often go unreported to insurance companies, for fear of an increase in personal and individual rates. Confined spaces are a challenge at the best of times, let alone when drivers are in a hurry. Always try to avoid backing up whenever you drive. If you must use reverse gear, back into your parking space.

It will be easier and safer when it is time to leave the lot. Make things easy by reducing the directional changes that you make in any parking lot or confined space location. Choose a drive-through space, which will allow you to leave the lot with clear visibility. This is the perfect narrative that I have found for what I am trying to relate to in my essay. It states that when you do park that you should use reversing to your advantage because it would make more sense to back into a parking spot instead of having to back out and possibly hitting something or someone.

The last thing that I would like to talk about in my essay is situational awareness. And according to the definition of situational awareness from Wikipedia it states,” Situation awareness, or SA, is the perception of environmental elements within a volume of time and space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status in the near future. It is also a field of study concerned with perception of the environment ritical to decision-makers in complex, dynamic areas from aviation, air traffic control, power plant operations, military command and control, and emergency services such as Fire Fighting and Policing; to more ordinary but nevertheless complex tasks such as driving an automobile or motorcycle. Situation awareness involves being aware of what is happening around you to understand how information, events, and your own actions will impact your goals and objectives, both now and in the near future. Lacking SA or having inadequate SA has been identified as one of the primary factors in accidents attributed to human error (e. . , Hartel, Smith, & Prince, 1991; Merket, Bergondy, & Cuevas-Mesa, 1997; Nullmeyer, Stella, Montijo, & Harden, 2005). Thus, SA is especially important in work domains where the information flow can be quite high and poor decisions may lead to serious consequences (e. g. , piloting an airplane, functioning as a soldier, or treating critically ill or injured patients)Having complete, accurate and up-to-the-minute SA is essential where technological and situational complexity on the human decision-maker are a concern.

SA has been recognized as a critical, yet often elusive, foundation for successful decision-making across a broad range of complex and dynamic systems, including aviation and air traffic control (e. g. , Nullmeyer, Stella, Montijo, & Harden 2005), emergency response and military command and control operations (e. g. , Blandford & Wong 2004; Gorman, Cooke, & Winner 2006), and offshore oil and nuclear power plant management (e. g. , Flin & O’Connor, 2001)”.

We may not understand certain words in the definition that wikipedia gives us, but it’s pretty much stating that situational awareness is an extremely good trait to carry. We being in the military should know exactly what situational awareness is. It is a part of our everyday life. Or at least it should be. There is one more thing I would like to hit on before I end my 3000 word RBI. It is the 7 army values and I completely ignored all of them when I didn’t back my vehicle in while told to do so. In the US army we are taught to live by the 7 army values.

They are broken down to us in the acronym LDRSHIP. Loyalty   “Bear true faith and allegiance to the U. S. constitution, the Army, and other soldiers. ”   Duty   “Fulfill your obligations. ”   Respect   “Treat people as they should be treated. ” Selfless Service   “Put the welfare of the nation, the Army and your subordinates above your own. ”   Honor   “Live up to the army values. ”Integrity   “Do what’s right legally and morally. ” And Personal Courage   “Face fear, danger or adversity (physical or moral). ”   We are all drilled on these 7 army values from day one of basic training.

First we commit them to memory. Then we learn to live by them. From day one of basic training I have learned that that to me the most important army values are loyalty and integrity. If you don’t have integrity then you don’t have loyalty. And if you don’t have loyalty you don’t have any of the 7 army values. I try to live by these in everyday of my life since I’ve gotten out of training and I’ve slipped a little bit I must admit. So from now on I am going to try to live by these. I want to live this way because it is the only way in the army that you are supposed to live.

So in this essay we have gone over many of things, but as I look through it all I must say that I have gotten a better look at how I am supposed to achieve my goals. Yes this essay was supposed to be about me reversing my vehicle into a parking spot but it turned into me living the army way. I did this because I wanted to express how I feel about what I am doing in the army and how much I really do believe and love what I am doing here in Germany. Thank you for reading my 3000 word RBI. I will from now on, reverse my vehicle into a parking spot instead of pulling in and being lazy.


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