Military Dictatorship and Hieratical Political Leaders Failed in Bangladesh Essay

Military dictatorship and hieratical political leaders failed in Bangladesh Military dictatorship and hieratical political leaders failed in Bangladesh to institutionalize democracy and ensure development and liberty for the people. It looks like that we have to restart from the beginning.

As early as 1965 the late Akhter hamid Khan of Comilla Academy had a vision to take government to the doorstep of common people through a local government and micro- enterprises under cooperative with management support from a rural based bureaucrats and reduce the revenue burden of the central government a corresponding reduction of members in the centralized bureaucratic administration. To invoke public propositions and opinion in this regard, the following few points have been innumerate to be further developed in future. . Bangladesh was liberated by the toiling masses at great sacrifices primarily by farmers, labors and students, though history did not credit them for their role and instead placed all laurels and benefits of the liberation war to the army, politicians, bureaucrats, greedy elitist and business community to whom all the wealth and privileges and legal concessions of all the Governments have been showered upon. Another liberation war is necessary to liberate real peoples and ensure their development. 2. points were fundamental basis of ensuring all right, entitlement & justice to peoples of a promised Sonar Bangla. On that same basis we have to restructure & reform our executive & judicial functions with maximum autonomy & power to local government leaving only such functions as National security, Foreign affairs, Currency, reserve bank & federal financial affairs, Planning support and coordination, One integrated national Industrial corporation for development of Basic & large Industries, One integrated R & D council for development of Science and technology, with major emphasis on empirical research.

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Military Dictatorship and Hieratical Political Leaders Failed in Bangladesh Essay
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One National Multimode integrated Transport Network System, One National IT Centre for networking all ministerial & local government functions, archiving and retrieving data and information etc. 3. Democracy, Socialism, non-alignment and secularism were the basis of our constitution which was tempered and tailored many a times by all Governments to suit certain specific objective of some leaders and their party. The basic principles of a constitution should be sealed for any amendment except through referendum only.

The 1st constitution of Bangladesh had some clauses with embedded party interest such as preventive detention under article 33, unrestricted tenure for PM;s office article 57, Local Govt. structure and power as in article 59 & 60, blind following of party line as in article 70 and many others. Though all parties derive certain benefits from these, they must be recast to reflect public opinion on them. 4. The chapters and clauses on part VI Judiciary contains no structural, judicial and procedural reforms to ensure dispensing timely justice within affordable cost.

The system has become single biggest obstacle towards “prevention of vices and protection of virtues – and protecting a righteous and punishing the corrupt” 5. The chapters and clauses on part IX Services of Bangladesh contains no structural and procedural reforms to convert the servants of the colonial masters to respectable employees of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Myopic planning, redtapism and fund crumpling are common causes of all or most project failures in Bangladesh.

PSC failure to recruit proper personnel on the basis of personnel integrity, meritocracy, accountability and preference to generalist in place of function based specialist are major causes for rise of a elitist, high living and corrupt bureaucrats who hold every thread of power over political government and who will never allow local government function to be within control of elected local government as the same will hamper their financial interest. . Reorganization of Statutory bodies & state owned enterprise, public undertakings including banking, securities, and non banking financial enterprises in Bangladesh is essential as they have substantial bearing on our economy caused due to drainage of capital through loans given to be subsequently classified.

Project failure and loss of employment, flight of capital and money laundering, low FDI, management failure, undisciplined labor, lack of accountability and transferency etc. 7. Prepare a total guide line proposal for long, medium and short term development plan for developing Bangladesh with a vision to raise it to a modern state with an egalitarian society by dismantling the existing horrible wealth gap between rich and poor.


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