Milk and Ice Cream Essay

Milk and Ice Cream BY oayhl 234 units 11&12 Food, vegetable, soup, chicken, bird, salad, ice cream, bread, cheese, egg, meat, butter, sugar, cereal, spaghetti, salt, pepper, water, milk, wine, soda/pop, shopping, store, buy, cost, expensive, cheap, total, dollar, money, can’t, won’t/refuse, increase, decrease, easy, hard, think, run-out, deplete, hear, cabinet, lecture, earth quake, make, first, cup, shocked, awful, home, wind, party Call by phone/phone, fly/airplane, TTY/call by TTY, dry hair/hair dryer, put on hearing aid/hearing aid, type/typewriter, put on watch/watch, put in gas/gas, ride bicycle/ icycle, sandwich, beer, coke, Pepsi, nuts, popcorn, fish, motor, breakdown, battery, flat tire, any, other, struggle, shutdown, wear out, break, maybe, fail, succeed, suspect, computer, decline, conflict, all right, save, measure, weigh, busy, stuck Sentences: Lisa: Tonight do? Chris: Cook will l. Think vegetable soup, chicken, potato, salad finish. Plus ice cream. Lisa: Fine. Easy. Chris: I think of.

Run out potato, bottle 0-1-1 deplete. Go there store cant I. None time. Don’t mind you go there? Lisa: I don’t mind l. #2 Lisa: Make pie, I show you. Chris: What pie? Lisa: C-o-c-o-n-u-t. First, need two egg. Chris: I finish buy 1 d-o-z. Lisa: Fine. Need one half LB butter. 1 cup milk. 1 cup sugar. Chris: You make pie, CL:G thin OR CL:G thick, which? #3 Chris: Shocked l. Store I go there, price awful increase. Lisa: What buy? Chris: I buy apple 3, cost 2 dollar, butter 1 LB, 3 dollar 99, ice cream 1 GAL 4 dollar blank. Lisa: Wow, expensive. Price total? Chris: I got there store have 50 dollar, come here home left 50 cent. Lisa: Awful! Pat: Want eat?

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Alex: Sure. I not yet eat all day. I hungry l. Pat: I make sandwich. You want? Alex: Fine, any. Pat: Drink what? Have beer, coke, water which? Alex: Coke thank you. Want help? #5 Alex: TTY can I type to him brother? Car won’t start. I struggle, give up. Pat: Wrong? Motor break down? What? Alex: Not sure. Gas have/ Maybe battery shut down. Pat: Old battery? Alex: Four year. Chris: Party you invite me, I must decline. Conflict. Alex: All right. I save food for you. Chris: No. I increase weight l. I think of. I should bring there salad. Do? Alex: Don’t worry. Self will make. Chris: Thank you. Will you tell her wife sorry? Alex: Sure. O. k. Don’t worry.


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