Milk, Food color, and Dish soap Lab Sample Essay

Purpose/ Objective: The Purpose of this lab is to happen out what happens when nutrient colouring placed in different kinds of milks has dish soap ( detergent ) added to it. Our aim is to find what the milk and colourss will look like after adding the soap.

Hypothesis: After preforming the lab one clip through. we are able to speculate about what could go on when we change different factors within the lab. I hypothesize that the lower content of fat in the milk. the lupus erythematosus of a reaction we will see within the petri dish. The same goes for stating the less content of fat will do less of a reaction within the milk.

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Milk, Food color, and Dish soap Lab Sample Essay
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Materials/ Equipment list:
* Milk ( Skim. Whole. Half and Half )
* Food colouring ( Blue. Yellow. Red )
* Dish soap or detergent ( any trade name )
* A Petri Dish
* Beaker
* Graduated cylinder
* Stopwatch ( optional ) .

1. Pour about 20 ( 20 ) millilitres of milk. utilizing the beaker and graduated cylinder. into the petri dish a. Start by make fulling the beaker about halfway full with the milk b. Pour the milk from the beaker into the calibrated cylinder. so that the markers on the cylinder show that there are 20 ( 20 ) millilitres in the cylinder. where the markers line up with the semilunar cartilage. 2. Using the nutrient colourising dropper. topographic point one bead of each colour into the milk. spaced out to organize a trigon. with no two colourss touching 3. Observe and enter the information seen after two ( 2 ) proceedingss within the package in the infinite provided 4. After entering what was seen in measure three ( 3 ) . proceed to put one ( 1 ) bead of detergent or dish soap in the centre of the nutrient colourising trigon 5. Record your observations from measure four ( 4 ) inside the provided package 6. Clean your stuffs used in the sink at your station

Consequences ( continued ) : Discussion of what occurred-
* Skim- When seting the nutrient colourising into the milk. the colourss seemed to be comparatively the same size. After puting a individual bead of dish soap or detergent into the milk. the colourss dispersed in a form as seen in the tabular array above. There was really small. if any. white infinite. and the colourss continuously spread. altering the colour that was most outstanding rather often. Since this was the first trial preformed. it was non compared to the other trials ; instead. the other trials were compared to this. * Whole- When seting the nutrient colourising into the milk. the colourss seemed larger than the skim. more dispersed out on the surface of the milk. After puting a individual bead of dish soap or detergent into the milk. the colourss dispersed more equally than the skim milk. in a form similar to the one shown in the tabular array above. The colourss seemed equally dispersed. and topographic points of white or indiscernible colourss can be found in between the primary and outstanding colourss. Since this was the 2nd trial preformed. it was compared merely to the skim milk.

One-half and Half- When seting the nutrient colouring in the half and half. the colourss seemed to be different in sizes. the ruddy and xanthous were really little in comparing to the bluish colour. even though all three colourss had precisely one bead. A individual bead of dish soap or detergent was placed in the centre of the petri dish. The form changed rather often. as the centre of the detergent seemed to ‘travel’ around the dish. maintaining the colourss red and xanthous near the centre. and the blue around the borders. It is unknown if the orientation of the colourss is knowing or non. as the ruddy and xanthous may be ‘attracted’ to the detergent and the blue was repelled. or something similar along those lines. The form was non really similar to the old two trials. as the detergent centre traveled in a coiling form before attaching to the side of the petri dish.

Decision: In decision. the sum of fat within the milks does impact the terminal ocular consequence of the three ( 3 ) trials. Since whole milk had the highest sum of fat. the ocular image seemed to demo more white infinite left by the milk within the dish. The Half and Half showed less white milk parts than the old. but still had some parts that had gaps to the white. Finally. the Skim milk’s ocular showed really small. if any. white infinite. go forthing room for a larger country for the colourss. Those statements being said. the hypothesis was both valid and wrong. The truth in the hypothesis was that. so. the sum of fat in the milk did impact the consequence of the ocular. It was invalid through the statement of higher fat caused a higher reaction. as the highest fat. the whole milk. really caused the least reaction. with many infinites of white country throughout its petri dish. To better this lab. it would hold helped to hold three of each of the measurement tools and three dishes. By holding multiple of each. one could hold a more precise lab without holding small left over residue from old trials in each of the stuffs.


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