Mind Games

“Boooooooring! ” exclaimed Marisa bored witless during a mathematics lesson, whilst she threw her feet on the desk. “Take your feet off the desk this instant young lady! ” shouted the hysterical Ms. Daemon as she had a swig of her “coffee”. “Why should I? ” asked the arrogant Marisa, tossing her hair off her shoulder with a sly smile. “Warning one, if you get a second warning you’re in the focus room! ” Ms. Daemon was ready to cut Marisa’s throat out with a key, but was previously suspended for her cruel acts of “discipline” so she had to patiently wait for Marisa to make one more mistake, in order for her to fully inflict the mental torture she was all to well acquainted with. Ms. Daemon was a particularly queer woman, selfish in a way with a blunt sense of humor. She was quite eccentric in how she acted and how she treated others, for example she would not open the windows in summer or put on the air conditions, rather she turned on the heater. Or she would wear thongs showing her eczema and tinea infested toenails.

Her very breath reeked of a thousand dead carcasses rotting amidst an ocean of urine. Oh how Marisa despised Ms. Daemon and how Ms. Daemon despised Marisa back. Once Marisa keyed Ms. Demon’s car because she gave her a bad mark on an oral report that Marisa had spent so much time on. Then once Ms. Daemon “accidentally” stuck out her foot and tripped Marisa, so the feud had been going on for a few months ever since Ms. Daemon came to the school. Of course the feud is not all Ms. Daemon’ fault because there is always two sides to the story, but nonetheless this teacher was a very temperamental person.

It was rumoured that she was related to the “Manson family” but she denied it even with all the police records and evidence, but then hey you can’t hold it against a person that their relatives were psychos. “Ooooooooo, focus room hey? Been there, done that! ” Replied Marisa in a sarcastic tone, with that she added, “How’s your car? Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha (evil laugh)” this angered Ms. Daemon beyond doubt and with one mighty screech she shattered Marisa’s reading glasses, “You did that on purpose to break my glasses you horrible old hag!!!!!

You used you foul black magic in order to pass judgment on me with your unholy religion!!! You shall be punished for you acts of blasphemy! You shall perish, in your own pool or saliva! ” and with that Marisa disappeared. She ended up in her Lair, which she called “The Lair”, there she plotted to take over the world and seek revenge on teachers that peeved her off. Although Marisa did suffer from occasional Schizophrenia and paranoia she was the average pyshcotic youth of the 20th century. “I will, I will seek revenge, she will pay she will pay!!!!!

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha” she said as she laughed insanely to herself. Maybe the fact she never had any parents or friends is why she turned Criminally insane maybe the fact she would smell glue for fun, which knows but the fact was she was “special”. A day passed, and then another and another, when finally it amounted to 40 days and 40 nights when finally Marisa showed up at school. There was something different about her, instead of her clean-cut “nerdy” look she was tattooed for head to toe in an ancient Hindi dialect. She walked towards Ms.

Daemon in a swaying formation pointed her index finger and as she raised her finger towards the sky electricity started to charge from the sky. The sky became darkened, within an instance and a great yellow surge came rushing through the land. A deafening silence came upon the school grounds as everything froze in time except Marisa and Ms. Daemon. Then as suddenly the silence occurred an eerie music started to play “All these are flaws, all these are flaws! ” over and over the music played until Ms. Daemons head felt like it was going to explode, Ms.

Daemons was so afraid her heart was thumping her mind was racing she was praying to the god she did not believe in, anything, a miracle. As she stared at the being in front of her, she noticed that Marisa’s eyes started to glow a deathly red, as she stared deeper she saw the universe all the planets in all their fury plummet towards her, she screamed, but there was nothing she could do she was doomed. Doomed for an eternity of fear, trapped in the mind of Marisa, trapped in the mind of her foe, enemy her personal fiend.

Then darkness, a light far away but still reachable if she only walked on further and further towards the light. The light of day, or a light one of some significance even? Then nothing once more, “ will I be forever trapped in this eternal night? ” she pondered to herself. Ms. Daemon awoke she had been in a coma for 40 days and 40 nights, Marisa let her go for she had to learn one day and this was the day. She had confronted the beast from inside but now she would not remember anything, only one thing and that was to fear Marisa. Always.


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